Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Adventures with Nissan

Or "Don't Car Shop with out Bob Seeley"

To begin our intrepid story I will start Sunday. Mike and I played a game of Malifaux and it ended a lot earlier than expected, So i popped over to Car Max to get a price on my car and a price on a used car. I was there for about an hour to an hour and a half. I saw a lot of nice cars in my price range, but at the end of they day they only offered my 2k for my 03 Sentra. I was a little dissapointed by this but not discouraged. I called my dad and let him know what I found. I also told him I was going to take my car to the Nissan Mechanic because I was having persistant problems that wouldn't go away.

Monday I take a half day to go to the Mechanic and Doctor. At around 4 the Mechanic calls to tell me I need over a grand in repairs for the car. I tell him to fix the Drive belt for $50 and say screw the rest. I head over there to look at the Nissan Versa. its the cheapest car Nissan makes and I can get on kitted out with nifty features for around 11,000. I take it for a Spin, Ellen comes out to look at it and We end up leaving for the night with some good numbers and information.

I was all set to get the Versa and was looking over my Finances with Ellen. We agreed that at the current price this car fit the Budget very well. As I left work my dad called me and said he wanted me to test drive the Sentra. I was hesitant because its quite a bit more money for the Sentra. but he had talked the guy down in price on a certain one and it was only a little more than the Versa. i took it for a spin, then Ellen did too. We looked at the features and immediately said no when it was found it had no ABS. My dad was on the phone at this point with a friend of his who sells cars. I mentioned to the manager that my upper ceiling was 230 a month, that was a mistake on my part. he runs the numbers on a Gray Sentra with ABS, cruise control, etc and comes back with 230 a month plus $500 down. I say no, and my dad gives me a dirty look for telling him I can do $230. Guy comes back to us with $212 a month with $500 down. We say we want $0 down. He says well maybe he can get the car lot to give me an additional $500 on my trade. We say you do that, we'll go to dinner. We got back to the Nissan dealership at 8. We took the new Sentra for a test drive, drove great. Then we waited for like 40 mins as a bunch of paper work was getting set up and they were running my credit. Finally they call me back and say ok its all for 215.89 a month. And I was like wait... I was told 212. Well my dad was pretty angry and he kinda over-reacted on the poor finance guy, who didn't create the numbers he just ran what the manager told him to run. The manager came in and siad he never told us 212 a month. we argued and the manager said "Im losing money on this deal already." My dad replied, "Well I don't want you to lose money, we can go somewhere else." We walked out and they caught us in the reception area to say hold on. 10 mins later they came back with 212.80 a month. That I signed on.

So the Car itself!
Pretty decent engine, fantastic gas mileage, and a bunch of features you never thought you would need but now I can't live out. Its a pretty cool grey color, and even has a connector to hook my Ipod up to the Radio so I can control it with my steering Wheel.

Looks a little something like this guy


wrabbit37 said...

Nice looking vehicle. I love hearing stories about people dealing with car dealers. Especially when the people win. Congrats!

HuronBH said...

Congrats on the new car Dan. One of these days us kids will figure out what how our fathers do it. My Dad pulled the same thing when I got my car. I would have had to pay a lot more he wasn't there.

C Trudden said...

And here Carrie and I thought we were getting a great deal cause we talked the mattress discounters guy down from 1099 + 89 delivery to 879 with delivery and a mattress + boxspring cover. Congrats Dan.