Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Need some FSA ideas

I want to weight down the bases on my Sorylians. But im not sure how. Im fairly sure Im going to spray their stands black. I like the way mike's look, I'll most likely paint them black on top of the primer too.

Here are my ideas. what do you think?

1. Metal Plate. Most likely the easiest one. just glue it on and im done.

2. terrain. Like put meteors or something on the bases, it will weigh them down

3. Rubble. Like blown up ships parts or something, could be enough

4. Metal Fighters. I like this idea least, could be confusing.

Anything i missed?

1 comment:

wrabbit37 said...

I say metal squares on the bases. Don't toss ships on the base - that will be very confusing what with all the wings out there. I'm all about the metal bottoms.

And yeah, black bases are pretty sweet. I like how they look on the black mat.