Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Malifaux Battle Report Mcmourning vs Pandora

In our little town which has yet to be named there was a large dead oak tree in the middle of town. To gnarled and tough to remove it sits as the unofficial center of town to this day. It is on the site that Douglas McMourning ran into Pandora.

Zombie Chuahwa
3x Canine Remains
2x Punk Zombies
1x Convict Gunslinger
7x Soulstones

Baby Kade
2x Sorrows

Mike pulled Reconoiter, and called Body Guard and Kidnap. I pulled Assassinate and called Body Guard and Army of the Dead. We both moved towards the middle and then pandora went, you can assume she did like 850,000 things each turn. I was shocked and pretty annoyed, its bad enough that she can WP my guys but its damn lame when my Flesh Construct who doesn't even have a friggin brain is fleeing in terror. Now on the flip side McMourning wasn't a slouch, he changed 2 canines into two Golems and was leading from the rear pretty well. I took down a Sorrow with a Canine remain which mike WP'd to death, im not even sure he attacked it. I was closing in on his guys but getting nickle and Dimed. I used the Punk Zombies really poorly, most likely due to the fact i'd never tried them before, but even still I was impressed by them. A Construct killed off the second (and final) Sorrow, then Teddy killed the construct really really dead. Pandora made Sebastian chain sawhimelf, and wp'd the poor chuahwa. The Gunslinger killed Teddy with a ridiculous round of shooting, then Pandora made him shoot himself in the face. McMourning cut down Candy as she finished the final Punk, and then the good doctor ran like hell from Kade, it wasn't enough though as the psycho kid caught up to him. My last Construct was able to Kill off Kade before he could Gut McMourning. Then with Only Pandora, a Half dead construct and McMoruing still alive the game ended. I got 2 points for Army of the Dead, 1 corpse token + 1 Construct vs 0 neverborne minions. and 2 for bodyguard as the Doctor stayed alive. Mike got 2 for body Guard as I found it too tough to try to attack her. Had Kade been able to get through McMournings 12 life Mike would have pulled another crazy victory out from under me, but this time the Dr. lived and the Undead everywhere rejoiced.


wrabbit37 said...

"The Gunslinger killed Teddy with a ridiculous round of shooting, then Pandora made him shoot himself in the face." Probably my favorite line in the report. And oh so true.

Pandora's just a blast to play. Like you said, she was running around doing a ton of things each turn. I'd be moving 16" and tossing out damage left and right, then say, "Okay, now let me start my actions" and start having people hurt themselves.

Be ready for another match with Pandora soon.

HuronBH said...

Man I need to get in on all this Malifaux gaming that has been going on. Seems like you guys play every night.

wrabbit37 said...

Not quite that often. Most of the games we played were the weekend we did a terrain-building day a couple weekends ago. Other than that I'm lucky to get a game in a week.