Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Can I Temper my Expectations?

I have been holding off writing about our local sports for a while. Mostly because in DC sucking has become a time honored tradition. Our teams create large expecations and then fail in the most spectacular way imaginable. But then in the offseason enough happens that we can fool ourselves into thinking that we can rebound next time.

Well I'm about to start fooling myself with the Redskins. Im still not sure why I'm so excited, we haven't changed that much from last year when we went 4-12. The biggest changes are in Philosophy. No longer is the leader of this team a happy go luck Mr. Rodgers whose orders are optional. No longer do Players get immunity because they are better liked by the owner. Shanahan is in town for 2 reasons. win a super bowl and teach these guys some respect. This raises the question, Was this a play-off team last year? Is the only thing that kept us out our poor discipline. Its a hard question to answer. There were certainly several games that the Redskins "Should" have won last year. With Shanahan at the helm this team can be molded by his new philosophy. Last year at voluntary work out Clinton Portis, Albert Haynsworth, and LaRon Landry all decided they had better things to do. This year they did not make that decision. They were called to camp, and they came to camp, end of story. Mike Shanahan cut the leadership from the Old Regime from his team. And I will be the first to say I'm going to miss almost every guy he dropped. But Football is a business and so is winning. Mike Shanahan only wants winners on his team, and that is what he is looking for.

Looking ahead this season is going to suck. we play the NFC North which holds three teams better then us. the NFC East which holds three teams better than us we have to play twice, and the AFC South which holds four teams better than us. It would be very easy to write this season off before it starts as rebuilding year. That the redskins aren't ready yet. But I have the feeling Mike Shanahan's opinion is the hell with that. So what if almost every team we play is "better than us" This is a team with nothing to lose and a lot of hungry talent. Shanahan will bring Winning back to Washington.

See I can't temper my expectations. Next season will be like 6-10 or 8-8 at the best, but its the future that holds my interest.

Also don't draft Jimmy Clausen, we need linemen so badly its stupid. Get Russel Okung and next year go for a QB there will be more of them and the ceiling is higher.


wrabbit37 said...

You start every season optimistic - I don't think this season should be any different. :) Though in fairness, I'm more optimistic about the team than I've been in a while. I am not expecting a playoff run this year out of it, but I am expecting to see fundimental changes in how the team approaches games. i.e. No more giving up partway through the game, especially if you're winning.

HuronBH said...

I'm optimistic too, but what worries me are things are going to get going and then the CBA crap is going to crop up in 2011. Owner lockouts and missed games could really screw things up.

C Trudden said...

Im optimistic, but I dont feel as invested as I have been the last couple of years. I just don't know. I'll watch to see if Orakpo murders any quarterback =)

wrabbit37 said...

Nice one, Chris. Best to keep your expectations realistic. :)