Monday, March 8, 2010

New in The Life of Dan

I started my new Job today. I can't say much, but its a nice pay bump, the commute is 10x better, and it is in pretty much all ways superior to my last job. As my boss said to me, this is the start of my Career.

Im very excited about getting in some FSA Games this week, as well as Malifaux. I ordered another batch of ships, I believe I will have the largest Fleet when it arrives. Also tonight I will start the process of painting McMourning and the Flesh Constructs.

I got a New Ipod yesterday. Its a nano which has video but not pictures. go figure. Its green and awesome. Only problem is the charger slot is like .0001 inches smaller than my onld mini so my car charger/adapter is useless F-U apple.

Lastly Ellen and I installed over-head lights in our nerd-room and bedroom yesterday. Its a huge difference. But thanks to some tricky wiring the lights are connected to Fan slider until we can get Brian to help us re-wire it we are using the pull chords.


wrabbit37 said...

Awesome deal on the new job. It's a far different feeling to go in to work when it's a career you want to continue than it is when it's just a job to get you money. Glad you've found something you like.

And yeah, once your new ships come in, you'll have the biggest fleet. Won't help you any, though. :)

HuronBH said...

Congrats man, I didn't even know you had applied and gotten a new gig, shows you how out of the loop I am. I look forward to having you tell us about it tomorrow night at Brian's.

Getting new models is always a good thing, nothing quite like it. So far I haven't been the impressed by FSA, but I hope that is due to only having played 2 games not having my head wrapped around all the rules yet. I really want to pick up some Terran ships but that is going to have to wait awhile.

Congrats again.

Dan said...

Your actually not out of the loop. My boss told me there was an opening last wednesday I interviewed Thursday and started today. It was a little crazy