Thursday, March 25, 2010

History in Gaming Part 3. Role Playing

Role Playing is going to get split into two sections. Character I've really enjoyed playing and the a Ranking of Systems. moslty because my RP history is a bit of a blur.

So Characters that I have really enjoyed.

Dante Gallos - The lovable bodyguard turned assassin who i enjoyed enough to revive for another round of games. He lived a tough childhood, training for hours on end to perfect his craft. His father, also his teacher, was strict in his lessons and never let a mistake go without a punishment or reminder. He had a strict code that he lived by, formed when he took the life of a women and her children. He was scarred by his own actions and vowed never again. He went on to be the body guard to two young noble ladies. He fell in love with one of them and things went well for a while and then the game ended. In Dante the revisited, He returns an older far more bitter man. His love spruned him for another and the family that he sought to protect was gone. he had been betrayed and almost killed. He had found a Secret society that welcomed him with open arms, they were at first pleased with his ability with a blade as well as his utter disregard for morals, his old code no longer mattered. he was driven by revenge against the one who took his love and ruined the family he protected. When the hammer fell he landed on the side against the Society's leader. Helping to defeat and imprison the man. As the weeks of civil war within their ranks raged on Dante began to feel he may have chosen the wrong side. Achille could provide that which he desired most. Before he could act on his feelings... the game ended.... damn it mike! In the first game in one of the opening scenes we got attack by highway men. Dante Charged straight into them and using drama dice and my awesome attack stats I was able to drop 13 men in like 3 rounds of combat. It was cool especially when the town guard rolled up and i was covered in blood Dragon Age Style, and was like yo! what up? Awesomeness. My other favorite was When ryan And My character's had been fighting with Chase an Eisen who was tough as nails. the three of us beat the ever-loving crap out of each other and Ryan was knocked out. Chase tried to drag him out the room and I stepped up behind him, lit a match and held it to a grenade and told him he had one chance to get out here before the grenade blows and lit the fuse. he dropped Ryan and booked it the hell outta there... again, Awesome!

Buli - The Ogrin from our IK horror game. he was a lot of fun, but wasn't a deep character. I liked him because our whole group had great chemestry in that game. My favorite moment was when we were on a train and attacked, Mike steps outside and sees a steam-jack charging the train and first response is to yell my name. i totallt went toe-toe with that thing. Big props to mike for that though. Set up that the character was like the groups version of Chewie, very loyal and willing to put it all on the line to save everyone else.

Imrik - My poor ranger from Rembaldi. When I made this character I had no idea how he would turn out. The entire concept was he is a full fledged elven soldier, one of the best out there and hes essentially only 17. he also had awful social skills. What he ended up being though was the luckiest unlucky guy ever. he was drafted into the fight to Stop Mourne. Got called into an accidental confrontation with Black-Love. Was drawn into a meeting with a bunch of Dwarves which led him back to a meeting with black-love, mind-bane, death-walker, and the scarlet thorn. leaving only the Masque and Ulak(i think). Imrik would constantly find himself in these unbelievable situations with people far stronger than he could ever hope to be, and yet some how he would walk away from it all. Until mike ended the game... Im sensing a growing theme here...

Phoenix - My half Vampire in Ryan's Angel game. this guy was a ton of fun play as I made up what he was. His mother was turned while preggers, so I was like a half vampire. I made this up before I knew about Conner I was only into season 1 of Angel at the time. I got to kinda make up what aspects of a Vampire he was affected by and what advantages he didn't have. it was a lot of fun, Mike and I bounced off each other very well in that game. With luck I think we can get Ryan to restart it again.

Michio - My Mantis turned Ronin turned Panther Clan Samurai. I started the game as a Ronin who was expelled from the mantis clan for killing my master in a Duel to first blood. It was an accident, but they refused my Seppukku. Little did they know I would join the Panther Clan and be instrumental in their defeat a few years later... YEAH SUCK IT. I also saved the Panther Clan's Champion's life that day. I was eventually adopted into the Clan and was actually on track to become one of the more prominent members but again like always, the game fell apart.

Dodin & Dauntless - I group them together because it was from the same game. First I was Dauntless the Barbarian. I turned every beast we killed into Jerky. Our group ate Hydra Jerky and Manticore Jerky and I tried to give them Liche Jerky but they didn't like it as much. Partway into the game Jay quit and he was our Wizard, so i re-rolled into Dodin the mage. he was a gnome who thought he was a dwarf. His parents were and so was his brother, no one ever bothered to tell him he was adopted. I kept his jerky making skill strong so we could continue to feast on lots of Jerky. And later Mike and I got into a contest. Could I deal more Damage than he takes. It was close, but i belive his desire to talk half the damage every other player took usually gave him the edge. That game was fun on a bun!

Jon Parker - Our Final Character is currently still being played. mike is running us through Hot War and Jon Parker is kinda like Dean Winchester from Supernatural. This character has evolved tremendously through the game. There are still a lot of things left for him to accomplish but for now he is one of my favorite characters... and he's in mike's hands... yup... he's boned!

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