Monday, March 15, 2010

Couple Reports

Game 1: Seamus vs Ramos - 35ss

I took a little bit of a different list with Seamus and I gotta say I think it worked well.

Seamus, Madame Sybelle, Rotten Bell, Convict Gunslinger, The Hanged, Grave Spirit, 2x NecroPunks

Not really sure all the stuff chris took. Off the top of my head:
Ramos, Brass Arachnid, Alice, Johan, some spiders, and a dude with 2 axes.

Our deployment was corners. I got Treasure Hunt and he Got Slaughter. We both rushed towards the middle of the table and started creating new soldiers. At one point his pair of Axes guy charged my Bell who was next to the treasure marker. He dropped her to 2 wounds. Seamus stepped up and blasted into the melee. He randomly hit the Belle who was killed by the attack. Now that the Axe guy was freed up Seamus leveled his .50 Cal pistol at him and blew him away. Then in a final act of mercy restored the poor belle he had just killed off. Ramos kept churning out constructs and I kept killing them. the Hanged and Sybelle killed off Johan, Sybelle was also killed. Ramos then blasted the hanged with angry fire. My Necro punks weren't having a great day as they tried to kill off a lot of spiders. The Gunslinger was killing left and right. As the game began to wind down I felt I had a good chance at clinching it. In hand i had the red joker and the 8 of crows. I began cheating everything I could save those 2 cards to get chris to ditch his hand. When he had 3 cards remaining I had Seamus charge in on Ramos and slit his jugular, He was able to avoid the first one, but the Second was too much and the mage fell. With that the Constructs were in a very bad way without their leader to pump out more or help them reactivate. Chris called it there, it went well for my. It also reminded my why I like Seamus so much. I also decided I need Punk Zombies for him, so that will be an upcomming buy, only starting with 1 belle was fine, I made 3 in that game, including the one i killed myself so I could recreate her later.

Game 2: McMourning vs Nicodem - 25ss
First time playing Mirror.

Nicodem, 3x Zombie Punks, Mortimer, Vulture
McMourning, 3x necro Punks, Sebastian, Zombie Chuahwa, Convict Gunslinger

Again It was Corners, this time I got Slaughter and he got treasure hunt. We both started moving into the middle. being pretty darn fast the necro-pinks were the first to get to the treasure. Before they could skedattle away though a couple punk zombies showed up and locked them in. It took me 3 turns to get a crow in had so I could cast monstrous creation. We were fighting over the corpse tokens all game. But as the game progressed I started to get all of them I needed. Our punks fought to mutual annihilation. Nicodem kept popping out Punk Zombies and standing up Mindless corses. But my 2 extra Flesh Constructs and McMourning were able to help thin the herd a bit. In the End the game finished with Nicodem untouched and surounded by a hoarde of Zombies. Then there was McMourning, 2 Constructs, and the Gun Slinger all tied up with Zombies but holdinh strong. Game ended in my favor 6-3. But it was a close game and only went really well my way when my Flesh Construct was able to get a red joker on damage against his construct and drop it in one hit.

Things went well for the ressers yesterday. I also painted up my zombie dog and both constructs so they are looking prety good. Not sure I really like the way the Constructs look, but they are done so I really won't be complaining. The Chuahwa looks pretty slick though. Next on the Docket are the Rotten Belles who I would have painted already, but I'm a little intimidated by them.

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wrabbit37 said...

The guy with two axes is Joss. He was insane when I faced him. He was up around 5 armor, which meant, going toe-to-toe with my Mature Nephilim, I was doing a single point of damage each hit. That's no good! I was able to finish him off by beating him on initiative one round and getting the Mature Nephilim to put him within spitting distance of dead. A couple AOE spells by Rasputina finished him off (at the same time it killed the Mature and Younger Nephilim).