Monday, March 29, 2010

Surogates + Painting Frenzy

*Possible Spoiler - I tried not to*
Ellen and I watched Surogates last night. Had an interesting debate in the movie. Mostly are surogates good or bad. Bruce Willis was on the undecided team, and the rest of the world had chosen a side. Ellen and I ended up debating on it. Would you live in a Surogate? Personally I would say its a tough call. Be safe from almost all harm, look like whatever you want, and drastically reduce violent crimes etc. It sounds like a great idea. But the whole no more real human contact aspect kinda bothers me. Still it would be great for Soldiers to keep them safe in battle, also it would be good for spinalcord patients, or any other debilitating diseases. Honestly I have no idea how I would fall on this issue. Though seeing the way the Humans who hated Surogates lives I totally would have had one. Im not busting my self back to the stone age for that crap.

Well keeping with my current trends for Malifaux and FSA I went into a painting Frenzy this weekend. At little later this week ill take the time to Photograph everything I did but for today enjoy some Punk Zombies.

And Lastly my new idea for a 30 point Seamus Crew is fully Painted

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