Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tactics: Ressers

This is just something I wanted to get down since i've been reading about them a lot lately. Today will Cover Seamus and McMourning as these are the only two masters I have played and because I really like their unique styles.

Seamus the Madhatter:
Seamus is the reason I was drawn in enough to buy the rule book for Malifaux and it was also his model that drew me back in enough to buy into the game. To be honest I think the Alice in Wonderland Movie may have re-sparked my interest. He is a stone cold killer. Fluff and Game wise. Seamus' most devestating attacks come from His pistol, which is so powerful you can't shoot it twice in one turn. He is also a powerful caster. His best spells include, Undead Psycosis, which can keep enemies at bay by not allowing them to get closer than 3incges from Undead models and Live for Pain, which is a short range decent damage spell but Heals seamus for every point of damage done. He has fantastic 0 abilities, such as companion any Belle within 6 of him, give all enemies within 12 -2 to their WP, or turn a corpse token into another Belle. When taking an Army that Includes Seamus its a no-brainer to include a few Belles. Madame Sybelle is in my opinion too good not to take. I have been taking her +2 belles in almost every game I play with him, But after playing McMouning and seeing how well he can produce Constructs I think it might be worth trying with 1 Belle and just aiming to summon any others you will need. He needs some melee power and I've found Necro-Punks tend to fall a little Short, a Pair of Punk Zombies on the other hand should provide amazing hitting power. The Convict Gun Slinger is a badass for anyone, keeping him close to Seamus and getting Psycosis up could also greatly extend his life expectancy. For my next game with Seamus I will try a list like this. Seamus, Sybelle, 1x Rotten Bell, 2x Punk Zombies, 1x Convict Gunslinger, 1x Grave Spirit +5 Soul Stones. Then I will try to use Undead Psycosis well, to this point I have never used it right, let alone to its full power.

Dr. Douglas McMourning:
Basically this is Dr. Frankenstien but way crazier. See Frankenstien wanted to find the key to resserection, McMourning wants to tinker. He likes using spare parts to create new things. His masterpieces are also the Focal point of his in game tactics. The Flesh Construct, they are mindless killing machines that McMourning can churn out at an almost unreal rate. In my couple games with him I have always made at least 2 Constructs in some cases 3. Its quite an advantage to turn a 2 point dog into a 7 point behemoth. But that is just one trick in his deep bag. McMourning is far and away the best fighter in the trio of resserectionitst. seamus has his gun, Nicodem has his spells, and Douglas has his Scalpel. He is a very scary man in melee. And he is able to support his army with a little impromtu surgery or if the situation calls for it, he can turn that scalpel of his towards the enemy and inflict some pain. He has a Combo that is very deadly but requires a few things to go your way. If you have a few body parts handy it can work. Spend one to become fast. Then Spend 1 to cast rancid transplant, this gives his taget easy to wound 2. Next cast Disection, cheat it and use a soulstone, try to make sure you keep a face card in your hand to cheat the damage. Do what you need to in order to hit. The easy to would will take care of damage. Its max damage is 10, that will drop 90% of the malifaux world in a single hit. Its his trump card, also if you get a diamond on the transplant you will earn a free scalple swing, which could be clutch against those pesky 12 wound foes. With McMourning the idea is to flood the table with bodies. the more that death that occurs the more body parts he can pick up and turn into Constructs. He needs a few hitters to help out since Constructs aren't very fast, Again the Gun Slinger is a no-brainer. I also have enjoyed the Punk Zombies with him. Between paired weapons and self mutilation they have a considerable punch. I think my next list will look like this. McMourning, Chihuahua, Sebastian, 3 Canine remains, Gun Slinger, 1 Punk Zombie, 1 Rotten Belle, +8 Soul Stones. I recomend max soul stones every game, they are very useful.

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