Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ashvale Crossing

As the final touches were put on the towns Saloon, the Mayor christened his new city. It was the rapidly becoming one of the largest towns in the Breach. With all the amenities of any industrius fellah could want.

A Place to Store his horse

A Nice Clean place to get a Drink or meet a lovely Woman

A General Store

Get a nice meal

Merit out Justice to the Wicked

And all the homes and shops a budding metropolis needs.

Things seemed too good to be true for the young Mayor. Little did he know the darkness that lurks in the alleys of his city, or the horrors that awaited in the woods to the south. This city is more than just cursed, It just might be hell.

*Pictures totally stolen from http://wrabbit37-legendaryblog.blogspot.com/ =P*


wrabbit37 said...

This post is approved by Mike. :)

Ashvale Crossing is looking pretty solid all around. I've got another building I'm putting together. Still need to put together a church, and pull in a couple other structures. All in all, I'm pretty pleased with how it's going. Soon we'll be able to pick and choose which buildings we want to have at any given time. Hurrah!

HuronBH said...

Crazy guys, Crazy.

Guess I need to get working on the mine shaft board, I already have the foam.

Dan said...

Wish I could take some credit but I only made 1 of those buildings. I will make another or 2, but we will need another terain day at some point

wrabbit37 said...

I'm always up for another terrain day. I have a couple more buildings finished that aren't imaged here. I'll add some to my site at some point. It's a pretty awesome looking city!