Friday, March 12, 2010

The Dr. Is In

Finished McMourning last night... actually this morning. He's looking pretty sweet.

He was a bit of a challenge as after his pants and boots I had no idea what colors to use. White on his apron was my second choice after a light brown came out too brown. The blue gloves were my 4th option actually painting over brown, white, and yellow. Its a little Firefly reference, but I also think they look great. Lastly the blood splatters were really difficult. They didn't go on very well and at one point a huge glob of red hit his left arm and body and I had to wipe it off and repaint a lot oh his arm and chest. Still I'm pleased with the Final result.


HuronBH said...

Looking good Dan, I'm jealous of all the Malifaux painting and gaming you have been able to get in. Keep up the goo work.

Oh, and we need to get you a better camera.

Dan said...

Yeah i know. Ellen has a pretty nice one but we can't get it to focus right w/o the flash so its either super glare or 0 resolution. This is the area where my phone is better. Still i think when we get closer to the wedding we will start to consider a new camera.