Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Im not a really political person. I'm christian, know that Gun Control is a poor decision, and that I don't want to pay a lot of taxes. Those three guidelines have led me to the republican party. Im not a hardcore conservative, I don't care if gays get married, I respect pro-choice, etc.

Normally I would never even attempt political commentary, but this new Health Care bill is the worst thing I have ever seen. I have been getting articles from several people over the last few days explaining some of the things this bill is setting up. The one I just read is what got me so angry that I had to write this. Under this new Health Care plan, the Government will be taxing medical equipment. The proposal will be a $4 billion tax yearly on all equipment over $100. This is 40% of the projected sales over the next decade. This will make it more expensive to get defibrilators in public places. More expensive for companies to produce new medical equipment, such as the auto-matic insulin pump for diabetics. its a very expensive piece of equipment that measures your blood-sugar level and creates automatic doses for you. Worst of all with the R&D companies paying out so much of their profits to the Government they will not be able to continue with medical break throughs that might enhance out daily lives or save lives all together. Basically under this plan Obama has effectively set Spinal Cord and Diabetes research back ten years.

There comes a time when people need to admit a mistake, and this Health Care plan is a huge mistake. But no one is willing to admit it because this bill is no longer about health Care. Its about winning a bi-partisan battle. If the Bill passes then Obama was able to do what he said and he looks strong. If it fails then the Democrats look weak because they can't do the one thing they said they would. But while this battle rages on the Hill, the rest of America is sitting here thumbs up our asses, despite how opposed this country is to the bill waiting for it to become a law so we can all pay more money for worse health care. Thanks Obama, you are now worse than Jimmy Carter... and he was attacked by a Rabbit.

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