Thursday, March 20, 2008

Games and Gameworlds

My first experience with video games came with the original nintendo and super mario. I remember playing till my thumbs hurt. Several years and many systems later I still play video games till my thumbs hurt, just now the controller requires more buttons so my whole hand hurts. Video games are my favorite escape. I love running around as mario through dungeons jumping on turtles and picking up mushrooms for extra lives. Every few years we get new platforms with the more advanced system we get more advances games. But this doesn't always make the story better. We are now in the 5th generation of respectable game consoles. And most people who follow games would say the best story for a game came in the 3rd generation. Zelda, Ocarina of Time or Final Fantasy 7. Both of these games offer amazing game play, but the real prize is that the story is amazing. You really get into the game and take on the role of the main character. Since this time several games have offered amazing game play coupled with and impressive story but in my opinion nothing matches these two games.
The other side of Game worlds are the ones that constantly change, these are most prevalent in Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, MMORPG's. The most popular of theses is World of Warcraft, wow. I have played 7 mmorpg's and non have compared to WOW. The game is head and shoulders above the competition but not only for game play there is a story under the game that is fantastic if you take the time to find it out.
The main point I'm trying to make here is that I feel game worlds are a form of literature, and though they are not generally respected as a fine novel would be, they still deserve the same respect.