Monday, October 13, 2008

Week 7 predictions

San Diego @ Buffalo - San Diego picked a strong New England Defense apart. and they are a team who is no stranger to poor starts look at last years. San Deigo is ready to take over
Minnesota @ Chicago - The Bears should have won last week and will prove they deserve to be a top tier team. Minnesota is still playing behind Gus Ferrote.
Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati - Pittsburgh will have their hands full in this game Cinci is getting better every week and still winless this week they will be pulling out all the stops, still the only way pitt losses is if they fall asleep
Tennessee @ Kansas City - this isn't even a game KC's coach is a wuss and will pull his starters when the route begins. no contests
Dallas @ St. Louis - St. Louis! no romo no momentum, no victory. also the skins have a habit of catapulting teams into awesomeness.
Baltimore @ Miami - this almost hurts to say but the wildcat is unstopable.
San Francisco @ NY Giants - they really are the best team in the NFL right now they are killing the teams they are supposed to kill and doing it with methodical precision.
New Orleans @ Carolina - This will be one hell of a game, i think the Saints will pull it out but the panthers will be looking for a statement game after that embarrasing display in Tampa
Detroit @ Houston - I believe in Danny Orlavsky! also i think Houston will let this one get away from them.
NY Jets @ Oakland - Oakland won't win anymore games this year. the Jets will... go figure
Indianapolis @ Green Bay - Eli is the better manning, Marvin is too old blah blah blah. WHUPPED THE CRAP OUTTA BALTIMORE!!!! Peyton is back and this game won't be close
Cleveland @ Washington - The redskins were humbled. the brows have no balls. if we don't win here im going to be so pissed that i will force myself to cheer for cincy for the rest of the year!
Seattle @ Tampa Bay - These guys are badass and the hawks BLOW! tampa by a lot of points

Denver @ New England - toss up as im writing this i haven't made up my mind. smart money chooses the team with a starting QB... so i will listen to that last statement and say that even though NE has the better D i think Denver will win this one

week 6


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Week 6 predictions

Baltimore @ Indianapolis - Indy is still under-performing and should have lost to houston. Still Peyton usually winds up doing well against Baltimore. So ill go with the Colts
Detroit @ Minnesota - ... who cares, go with Gus i guess
Oakland @ New Orleans - The saints need to get healthy. Drew Brees can't throw to 6th stringers all year and expect to win. Still Oakland is really bad at football.
Cincinnati @ NY Jets - Im not convinced either team is that good (One just plain sucks). Smart money picks the Jets Farve is coming off a bye week and 6 TD passes. But i was impressed with the way Cincy finished in Dallas. Big Upset of the Week go Bengals!
Chicago @ Atlanta - Bears play Defense well. They found a winning Formula against the Lions with a solid ground attack backed up by a sustaining air attack. Bears will win, im thinking its gonna be a big win too.
Carolina @ Tampa Bay - This is for first place in a crazy division. Ill go with carolina since their defense has been very dominant this year. Also the offense is playing well.
St. Louis @ Washington - this doesn't even need an explanation.... but the redskins are the best team in football right now!
Miami @ Houston - i don't know... i guess the texans. but if Matt Schaub is still hurt then ill have to go for Miami
Jacksonville @ Denver - This should be a great game. It will be close no matter who wins but im going to with the Jaguars since i think they will just run all over Denver and own TOP
Philly @ San Fran - Philly should kill them. they pride them selves on being so tough and they got man-handled by the Skins. look for revenge!
Green Bay @ Seattle - god these two teams would have been a no brainer to win their division at the start of the year, but now that no longer seems the case. Seattle is pretty awful so i give the nod to the cheese heads
Dallas @ Arizona - Arizona is still with out Boldin and they will feel that in this game. i guess the cowboys will win but this team is a powder-keg and a loss could light it.
New England @ San Diego - I still think San Diego is going to click back into their winning ways and start to dominate i just haven't seen any evidence of it. This could be a statement game as well as a chance at revenge against their hated foes.
Jersey Giants @ Clevland - Giants will murderate them. Other than the Skins the Giants are the other best team in football. The browns need to grow a pair and learn to take a damn risk!

Week 5

Well if there had been any doubt that the redskins are a legit contender erase it from thy brain instantly. The road to the playoffs has gotten much smoother now that all the divisional road games are done. And with a sexy 2-1 record to boot. So as for this week what did i learn?

Jason Campbell can get better every week. When the eagles were breathing down his neck he calmly released the ball and hit his targets. He never forced the ball and didn't make a single bad decision with his passes. He may have posted a low 73.3 passer rating but he has yet to commit a turn over this year and that can be enough when the team plays the way it has been. Clinton Portis is the heart of this offense. He can run on any defense and keep any offense off the field. The eagles boast that no theam can run on them. Well no team except the Washington Redskins that is. Portis carried the ball 29 times for 145 yards. Against a team who allowed roughly 60 yards a game portis took the game in his hands and turned a 14-0 cluster-fuck into a complete domination of a football team. The eagles could do nothing to even slow the redskins down after the first quarter. They moved the ball at will and just ignored the complex blitzes of the eagles. Randel El got to show off his arm and give Cooley his first TD of the year. the Defense let the eagels drive twice the entire game. After the first drive it looked like the Defense was in for a long day with westbrook able to move the ball as he pleased making tacklers look foolish for even trying to catch him. But the Skins settled down on all sides of the ball and just started to produce. Even though they were held to field goals on their first three drives (excluding the drives that were all incomplete passes and 3 and outs) the team just took the points and went back to work. I could continue to stroke my Redskins Ego with this post but ill cut it short, lets just say that 7-1 is just the beginning. If the redskins can handel philly in philly and dallas in dallas why not pitt in washington?