Friday, April 30, 2010


Well Ryan Reynolds has signed for the Upcomming Deadpool movie, but it is still searching for a Director. The Writers have signed and its the same pair who wrote up Zombieland. Whats that you ask? Why should I care about Deadpool?

Well Deadpool is the most bad ass being in the Marvel Universe. He can go toe to toe with any heavy hitter, Cap, Spiderman, or even squirrel girl. Although since there is no profit in it, he has no need to kill thesm. So they can count themselves lucky they will never have to face down this.

Deadpool is a man of convictions. Other Superheroes, like Captain America are willing to let somethings slide, but not deadpool, he stands his ground and shows the world that whats right is right, and he will not back down!

He is also a manly man. Only living in the most awesome... shacks, but he drives a kick ass car...

And Most importantly he always gets the girl

But in all honestly He is one of the funniest and most bad ass characters in Comics today. He breaks the fourth wall and its pretty much always well done. Having read Deadpool comics for the last 5-6 years I finally feel like the mainstream comic collectors understand what the 50 direhard deadpool fans have been saying since day one. He is a fantastic character and needs 4 monthly comics. Suck on the Spiderman!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finally got some painting done

Its been a while since I have painted anything and I have been pretty extra lazy about it. I've been waiting for a nice day to Prime Brian's ships, but didn't do that yesterday when I probably could have. Instead I did mostly nothing. And later into the evening I painted Sebastian. this guy was a very easy model to paint up and I think he came out pretty slick.

My maing goal is to get my main lists fully painted. McMourning's is now finished. Seamus needs the Copy-Cat killer and 1 Rotten Belle painted up to be finished. Then Im not sure what I'll work on.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Lets meet the Crew

I have been reading Mike's Blog with many mentions of Urban Rivals, and to this point, though I have been very tempted to jump in and throw up my own post, I have not. My goal was wait until I have something to say about the game that he hasn't hit on. Well I think I waited too long and He has basically hit all the topics. So screw it. These are the members of my ELO tournament Deck.

Unlike Mike's deck I have taken the Mono Deck Approach. All 8 of my characters are from the Nightmares Faction. These are the things that go bump in the night. Led by the Immortal vampire Lelena, they stalk the streets of Clint city causing mahem. From Murder to Scarecrow style Drugs, the Nightmares have a lot of flair and some crazy looking characters.

So the idea behing the Deck's Construction. Nightmares all have the bonus to negate my opponents bonus. They have pretty decent Damage, but they lack in high base power guys. So keeping that In mind My first two characters entered the Deck with a base 7 attack.

Pan is a centaur. For 3 stars, he has Pow 7 and his damage is 3. But should he hit, he has the ability to give me +3 to my life total.

Phyllis is... pretty ugly. She like Pan has a base Pow of 7, but her damage is only 1. Her upside is that She is only 2 Stars, and Her ability saps away an addition 3 life from my opponent to a minimum of 4.

My next character enters the deck to stop my opponents from getting a 2 turn KO against me. It is a strong and popular tactic, one I have used myself from time to time.

Neferenti costs me 3 stars and brings the lowest POW in my deck with a 5. His damage is pretty decent at 4. But He brings me a -2 minimum 4 to my opponents damage. This alone can keep me on my feet against a powerful attacker.

The next pair represent my payback characters. 8 is the maximum power you can achieve in UR. Since none of my characters have a base pow of 8 I am forced to improvise to return fire.

Mawpin is a favorite of mine. She is only 2 stars and a 5 pow 4 damage, but she has the ability Revenge Pow +3. Revenge is an ability that triggers after I have lost a battle. So as I am bound to lose at least one fight, I can then throw in Mawpin as an 8/4 for a nice punch.

Erzsebet is a 6 pow 4 damage character for 3 stars. She has the Ability to reduce my opponents Pow by 2 to a minimum of 4. this makes her very strong, as anyone with pow 8 is reduced to her equal, and anyone else will be reduced to below her pow giving me an edge.

Next come the Walls. In this game many characters rely on their bonus' and abilities to help them in combat. Since my factions bonus is to negate my opponents bonus having a couple guys who also negate abilities is a very nice thing to have. These two stop all abilities and bonus' making them either effective blockers or powerful lead attackers.

Dieter is a psycho with a big saw. He is also a 3 Star character with 6 pow and 3 damage. He does not pack a huge whallop, but he is a great wall to prevent a nasty ability like poison, life gain, or anything that affects pillz.

Glorg is the family servent to Lelena, and a Troll. His 4 stars buy me a 6 pow 6 damage beast that is often the lynch pin in my victory strategies. Plus he looks so bad ass. Glorg is one my favorite characters.

The Final Entry is my closer. This guy bring badass to a whole new level. He can swing the best of them and generally a Hit by the big boy means a K.O

Estalt is a devil, a playboy, and a sports star. Everyone loves him and wants to be him. So what if his abilities are a little, unatural, he's a bad ass. And his my only 5 star character in the deck. His pow is low at 5, his damage is high at 8. But its his ability to lower any opponents pow -3 to a minimum of 5 that makes him strong. So no matter what he will always be on even footing. This is my absolute favorite character in the game, and its fitting that he is so powerful.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh my Stars a Linemen!

Well it only took us a decade but the Washington Redskins have brought in an Offensive Linemen with their First Round Pick. Now I would like to go back a ways and explore the Redskins 1st round Draft Strategy since the day we Drafted Chris Samuels and Lavaar Arington 2 and 3 back to back.

2001 - Rod Gardner - Terrible player, was gone in like 3 years.
2002 - Patrick Ramsey - Ditto
2003 - N/A
2004 - Sean Taylor - Great pick up, RIP
2005 - Carlos "Brick Hands" Rodgers, Jason Campbell - This is working out well
2006 - N/A
2007 - LaRon Landry - Works great as long as he doesn't have to cover anyone
2008 - Traded down into round 2 - (This was the first year it became problematic as the Line was aging and deteriorating)
2009 - Brian Orakpo - Its hard for me to fault this pick as he is a Stud, but we let Michael Oher by, who could have really helped solidify our O-Line
2010 - Finally we get it right and start rebuilding the Line

Trent Williams. he is expected to start at left tackle right off the bat. And he will be facing Trial by Fire. Lets take a look at the pash rushers who he will face in his first year

Week 1 Dallas - Demarcus Ware
Week 2 Houston - Mario Williams
Week 3 St. Louis - Chris Long
Week 4 Philly - Trent Cole
Week 5 Packers - Clay Matthews
Week 6 Indianapolis - Dwight Freeney
Week 7 Chicago - Julius Peppers
Week 8 Detroit - Kyle Vanden bosch
Week 9 Bye - Whew!
Week 10 Philly - Trent Cole is back
Week 11 Tennessee - Lost most of their pass Rush
Week 12 Minnesota - Jared Allen
Week 13 New York - Justin Tuck
Week 14 Tampa Bay - Its like a day off
Week 15 Dallas - Once more with Demarcus Ware
Week 16 Jacksonville - Also terrible at getting after a QB should be a walk in the park
Week 17 New York - Justin Tuck again

There are a lot of premier pass rushers in that list, last year these 10 players combined for 75 sacks. Several are Pro-Bowlers, a few have superbowl rings. Welcome to the team Trent Williams, better get your butt in gear because this season is gonna be a rough one.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A bit of withdrawl

Im in a bit of gamer withdrawl. Not that I haven't been gaming, last Firday i played Brian in FSA and yesterday Rockett and I got in a game of Malifaux. Its the Marathon game sessions that I miss. Back in the day I could 2-3 games in during a nice saturday. Its been a long time since the guys have just gotten together and thrown down in a nice game marathon. I guess real life eventually catches up and makes those times fewer and farther between, but I just feel like we need one of those for FSA or Malifaux, or even warmachine. Just the chance to play a bunch of games then relax with dinner and talk about gaming for a day.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Words Escape me

Apparently People pay money for these things...

I just... I... wow...

Yeah I got nothing

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Ellen sent me this article and I had to share it my adoring fans.

Bacon Article

Im not sure if the author is trying to disuade people from eating the divine meat that is known affectionetly as Bacon or mearly trying to educate people on the many new ways we can eat Bacon.

The Turbaconducken, which takes pieces of Duck, wrapes them in Bacon, A Chicken, wrapped in Bacon and stuffs them into a whole Turkey... which is wrapped in Bacon.

Those who have seen the Turbaconducken have expressed Joy, Love, and all manner of wonderous emotions. It is a scientific fact that if the rest of the world ate the Turbaconducken they would all become Democratic nations and war would cease in an effort to cultivate more livestock to make more Turbaconduckens.

But this most sumblime of meats has other uses. It is the key ingredient in all things that you cook. If you didn't know this its because you haven't been cooking right. Next time you cook add bacon! Mac&Cheese? add Bacon. Salads? add bacon. Potato Soup? add bacon. Bacon? add BACON!

So is bacon just a powerful meat designed by God on the 6th day so he could eat it on the 7th while resting? Or is it a phenomenon that can not be stopped or contained... mearly consummed!

Bacon is the most versatile meat in the multi-verse!

Thats not just any lollipop its A Bacon lollipop... its not just any Bacon Lollipop either.. its Caffinated!

Is that a Hot chick?

... not really she's like a 4, 6 tops... but that Bra made out of Bacon is a 10!

Hmm whats that smell you ask?

Just my Bacon Air Freshener!

Need some Bacon Gear of your own? Well the fine Gentlemen over at
Bacon Today have your back. Bacon Floss, Bacon lip balm, Bacon Belts.

So say we all!

With so much Bacon awesomness in the world it makes me wonder why anyone would not eat bacon when they could totally eat bacon.

Monday, April 12, 2010


First is Ellen's Hoar-Cats. They are recently based, and not painted. But I wanted to show them on their awesome base.

The Four Canine Remains. They came out ok, I think I like the Bulldog the best.

Last is my Rotten Belle #2, she has been finished for about a week, but this the first pic I have taken of her.

Pretty Good Weekend

Saturday my family went out to IHop for breakfast and our food arrived at our table at around 11:30. The waiter picked the first plate up off the tray and then watched as the remainder of the tray flipped over spilling everyones breakfast on the floor. We then got to play the waiting game while out food came out one at a time.

I then went over to Brians to help him mulch his yard. It looks a lot better, but it was a good 3 hours of work. Later Eric and I went back out to sterling to hang out, play a game and eat the Filet brian promised me for helping. Eric brought 18 beers to contribute. The Filet's were amazing, and so was the risotto Brian made. He ended up being too tired to play FSA so we drank and watched Dirty Jobs. All in all a good night.

Sunday began with the MS walk, that wasn't as bad as I remember it being. We walked all around reston town center. And afterwards Ellen and I got Chipotle. We then drove out to woodbridge to see what they had at the Game Parlor over there. I got the Copy-Cat killer and a Second Vulture, Ellen bought a Hoar-Cat Pride. Next we went to Pet Smart and got a Cat tree for Conner and Chloe. Ellen was worried they may not like it especially since it was pretty expensive.

Its not the best picture but needless to say within seconds of me setting it down they had made themselves at home in it. We then had dinner with my folks and watched Lefty win the Masters. I did some painting too, so I'll throw that up later on today.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Denny List

So im pitching the E-Liche list since my Bane Knights and Soul Hunters need massive surgery. Here is my new List #2

Warwitch Deneghra -5
Nightwretch 4
Nightwretch 4
Nightwretch 4
Nightwretch 4
Skarlock 2
Bloat Thrall 2
Bloat Thrall 2
Warwitch Siren 2
Pistol Wraith 3
Pistol Wraith 3
Darragh Wrathe 4
Mechanithralls -max- 5
Brute Thrall 1

Also in my Skarre List:

Drop Leviathan - 9

Add Corrupter - 8
Add 3x Scrap Thralls - 1

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Damn you JAY!!

Listening to The Gamer's Lounge Podcast with Jay and Bill. Jay talked about his time at Adeptacon where he played a warmachine tourney. I am a tournament player in a lot of ways. I play mini games because I like to win and tournaments are the best place to test myself against other players. So Jay got me jazzed up for a tournament with his report. On a side note I imagined what Jay's Butcher list might have looked like:

Winter Guard with constant Iron Flesh
Widow Makers
Man hunter
Butch + Dog
and maybe 2-3 heavies.

Jay this list looks fantastic, I love how you just threw it together, but dude it sounds great.

Ok back to me. Here are the 2 lists I made up for the tournament on the 18th.

List #1
Pirate Queen Skarre -6
Skarlock 2
Leviathan 9
Deathripper 4
Deathripper 4
Warwitch Siren 2
Satyxis Raiders -min- 5
Sea Witch 2
Mechanithralls -max- 5
Brute Thrall 1
Brute Thrall 1
Bane Thralls -min- 5
Scrap Thrall (3) 1

List #2
Lich Lord Asphyxious -6
Deathripper 4
Deathripper 4
Bane Knights -max- 10
Soulhunters -max- 9
Darragh Wrathe 4
Bane Lord Tartarus 4
Mechanithralls -max- 5
Brute Thrall 1

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is he the answer to our problems?

I mean what can I say other than I hope so. I have already said I think this is a good move and i stand by that. This move upgrades our team considerably at the QB position. Now with a few linemen we can make a serious move into contention for the Divisional Crown.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Aquan Ships

I almost forgot to post these up with all the McNabb hooplah. here are a few pics of the Aquan fleet I painted for Brian's birthday.

McNabb Comes to DC

And this time its for reasons other than to make me frustrated that the Redskins can't cover a double move.

I've been thinking this one over a lot and I gotta say I approve of this trade. I would like to see Campbell traded, and not because I dislike him but because its the right move by him. His time in DC hasn't been great and he desearves the chance to start somewhere. Buffalo, Oakland, St. Louis would work well I think. Also a 4th round pick on our end would be nice.

But McNabb instantly changes this team around. The O-line has seen slight improvements in several areas. With a little bit more here and there, next year it could look like.

LT - Russel Okung
LG - Derrick Dockery
C - Casy Rabach
RG - Chad Rinehart
RT - Levi Jones

Thats an improvement at both Tackels from last year and keeps the only two decent players we had on the line. There is also the possibility we pick up another LT in free agency so we can move Okung to RT for his rookie year and have a slightly older more savy player in the LT spot. Then when hes ready swap the old guy for the young stud. I hate to say it but Former Cowboy Flozel Adams could be a decent stop gap for your o-line while we groom Okung.

But anyways back to McNabb. He can make throws that I do not believe Campbell had the ability to make. Hitting a reciever 40 yards downfield in stride seemed like a breeze for McNabb, Moss will finally get a chance at a few Home Run catches. Our tight end pair will be a great thing for McNabb to have. on our roster are 4 very tall recievers. 2 proven to be very good in Cooley and Davis. Thomas has proven he can play but needs some work. But with a Great QB like McNabb I think the young reciever pair will be pretty amazing.

Add in the Defense that can keep up with any offense, a brand new Mentality with Shanahan and Hasslet and I think the Skins will be a force in the NFC east again.

Go Skins.

Friday, April 2, 2010


No new painting today, think of this more like an Update in my painting.

Big 2 at the moment are Malifaux and FSA. 40k is on the back burner and I'll finish with that.

For Firestorm I have my original Box Set painted up along with my carrier. I have my second box set and my additional cruisers are primed. all of them have Steel Plates on the bases to help keep them weighted. Most likely the Second box set would have been painted by now, but Im short of Army Transport Foam. I just put in an order for 4 more trays, they should be in by next week, and then I'll get on painting the rest of my FSA. I also have a squad of Escorts that are still in the box, they are low on my list of painting since I won't be using them a whole lot.

Malifaux is the one where my painting has been coming along really well. I started with Seamus and have been going to town on the whole crew and I am just very pleased with the way they are coming. As of my last painting frenzy for them I counted it up and found I was over half way done with the models. As of now I have: Seamus, Dr. McMourning, Sybelle, 3x Punk Zombies, 3x Necro Punks, The Convict Gun Slinger, 1 Rotten Belle, The Grave Spirit, A Zombie Chiuahuah, and 2 Flesh Constructs. Still to be done we have; Nicodem, Mortimer, Sebastian, 2 nurses, 2 Rotten Belles, 2 The Hanged, and a Vulture (soon to be 2). I still need Some Crooked Men and Canine Remains whenever they come out. Also a Copy-Cat Killer and a Bette Noir will eventually find their way into my case.

Finally 40k. I've been slowly working my way into a Salamanders army. I've wanted to play marines for a long time... well not-chaos anyways, and this is my army. I've got a few models for the army set up and I tested my scheme on the Dreadnought from Black Reach and really liked it. So last night I went out bought a Can of Green Primer from the Army Painter line, and tonight assuming I have enough Time my first tac squad and maybe my Assault Termies will be green. If this goes well then within the week I will be getting either another Tac Squad or a Venerable Dread.

Thats my painting update I had one more thing to talk about but that will wait until next week.

Also I wanted to mention that I love Ellen and she is Cute.