Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Crew... I think

So I needed to paint up a boxset for the Malifaux Achievment League. Problem is I already own every box set I actually want. So I was trying to find some one to pay me to paint theirs. That fell through so with the league winding down I figured I needed to jump on it. I looked at Huzzah's stock and finally went with Pandora. Her box had a few things going for it.

1. It was there
2. It was the cheapest one I didn't own
3. I want to paint the creepy kids.

So Yesterday Before work I glued the models together. Then when I had to come back home from work since I left my wallet and ID badge at home (grumble) I decided may as well prime the crew too, only took about 5 minutes. Then I got home from work and knocked out the three Sorrows and Baby Kade. Then before I went to bed I also cranked out Pandora. So only Candy remains unpainted.



Baby Kade


The big question I've been trying to decide on is do I actually play Pandora, or just paint her up and sell her. If I play her Im gonna end up buying a pack of Stich Together and the Twins. Thats an extra $36. Also Im going to get a proxy model for the Primordial magic. I really hate the puking snake so there is 0 chance I will pick that thing up. I even found my proxy choice.

So what does everyone else think? Should I join the dark side and play not only my most hated foe the Neverborn, but my most hated of the Neverborn Pandora?

Friday, June 10, 2011


My ressers are all painted. Done!

Pics likely by Monday

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Malifaux Painting Frenzy

So I have been pretty diligent in my desire to knock out my ressers and have the whole crew painted up and ready to go. I still have the same 3 models to paint I had last time I posted, something about them is either daunting or uninteresting to me. Cant decide which. Anyways here are the pics of what I've painted in the past few weeks. Some of them are really bad photos, my camera was being a douche and I got lazy.

Kirai's Lost Love, her poor dead boyfriend turned totem.

Nico's Mindless Zombies. Im gonna be honest they look like crap. But they are done, so Im kind of ok with it.

The Crooked Men are less new, but I was waiting until I wanted to really use them to paint them up. Now they will likely be in the majority of my Seamus and Nico lists.

The Guild Autopsies are Brand New, as in I've had them for less then 3 days new.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Painting Update

So i've been working pretty diligently to get my ressers completely off my paint table and over the past week i have done a lot of work towards that goal.

I painted up all 3 Crooked Men and Yesterday I knocked out the 6 Mindless Zombies. (Pics tomorrow... maybe)

I also looked back over my Crew and realizes I had missed a Rotten Belle and a Hanged Man when I fist wrote up a list of what I had to paint.

Current List:
Rotten Belle
3 Nurses
1 Hanged

Hanged are 8 points. I dont take 2, Nurses I dont really take period. So with that in mind I have decided that there are a few models I can take out of my case and never really notice they are gone. As Such here is how my paint table is looking

Rotten Belle
Miss Pack (1 nurse)

Then I'll have a pretty much fully painted Resser crew. Im hoping to knock these last 3 models out before the Guild Autopsies release.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Way too many game reports

So this past weekend I went to Bill's 2'fer Malifaux tournaments.

First up Single Elim 35 stone competative primer

I got matched up with Mike round 1. Not ideal since I was more looking to meet him in the Finals, but alas sometimes things fall that way.

I pulled Destroy the Evidence and he Pulled Claim Jump. We had schemes and such, but they didn't really come into play.

My List - Marcus, Jackalope, Cerberus, Rattler, Shikome, Waldegiest, Moleman
Mike's List - Pandora, Primordal Magic, 2 Lilu, 2 Lilitum, Insideous Madness

Here are the Highlights. Marcus howled up and ran into pandora, but was unable to kill her. The 4 twins went next and killed off Marcus. I took a gamble and it didn't pay off. I should have been more conservative with him, that was a pretty big mistake. It also didnt help that the highest card I drew in 3 turns was an 8. So I lost and was eliminated. Mike ended up winning the event with Pandora.

Loser Tournament - or maybe noobie tournament. what ever. I wasnt going to join in, but there was an odd number of people in the tournament so I decided to play. I didn't want to play my stuff in a tournament for Noobies so I took Lucius. I have only ever faced Lucius 1 time before this tourney so I figured I counted as a noob with him.


Round 1 vs Vickis
I stumbled through round 1 a bit, but things went pretty well for me. The Guard Captain was a star and killed off a fewI ended up having to kill off 3 Vicki's as Jay spawned an extra. Turn 6 was a close one, had he won init, there is a good chance Jay would have won the whole game. I won though and killed off the Gun Vicki before she could activate giving me an 8-0 win.

Round 2 vs Lilith
This was a tough game. I pulled Shared Slaughter against a Nephlim list. We basically beat the crap out of each other and Ended up with Lilith and a single Guardsman alive at the end. He won the game 6-2

Round 3 vs Colette
I basically whomped Colette into Dust. Her best moves came when she used dissapearing act like 10 times. She wasn't killing my dudes, but she was removing them before they could hit her. Eventually after killing her like 15 times she stayed dead. I won this one 8-3 maybe it was 3, can't remember.

So I 2nd. Bryan who took the Lilith list took 1st, but it was a DAMN close event. I had more total VP's by 1. He had more Tournament points by 1. Our differential was in my favor by like 2 points. It was pretty cool to be that close.

I also played 3 games this past Tuesday. HIGHLIGHTS!!!!!!

Game 1 - McMourning vs Lady J.
I sent a ton of crap after Lady J, but good lord she wouldn't die. She riposted like 4 guys dead. and killed 2 Flesh Golems. In the end I was able to keep Lady J paralyzed for 2 full turns and keep her off the objectives. It was still a very close game, but I won 8-6

Game 2 - Seamus vs Lady J
This was my first time facing Brian so I was excited about it. The Ortegas killed the crap out of my crew, Seamus had to resummon the Belles a few times. The game was close until Seamus took a focused shot at Perdita. I cheated and stoned the flip into a 30. I cheated in the red joker for damage and killed her off. This game went REALLY long into turn 8 and all that, but I eventually pulled out a 6-2 win.

Game 3 - Nico vs La Croix
Nico did some crazy damage and killed off quite a few Gremlins, but eventually fell to the numerous attacks the Gremlins put into him. I had reconoiter so my Gun Slinger and a Crookedman hid from the Gremlins and held their board corners. Nico summoned a Flesh Golem before he died and it killed off the last few Gremlins on the board. A nice and close game overall, but I took it 6-2.