Monday, July 25, 2011

Hell Dorado

So after our rather awesome Malifaux league I started feeling a touch burned out on the game. Jumping on the chance to pimp out another obscure mini's game Chris Slazinski pointed out that Hell Dorado would finally be getting an english rule book in the near future. For those who dont know this book was scheduled for release in january 2010. Then again at Gen Con. Then again in Jan 2011, and so on. So I gave the game a test run and thought it was pretty cool. But I wanted the Army book. Well has fate would have it, when they said July 2011 they actually meant it.

(Weird right?)

So a quick overview. Its a skirmish based game. You use 6-10 models per game. The story line goes, that during the 30 years war, gates to hell started to open all over europe. Setting aside their differences the Catholics and Protestants decided to conquer hell.

There are 6 Factions

Westerners - This is the Christians, they are a jack of all trade crew. Decent melee, shooting, and a bit of magic as needed.

Saraceans - This is the Ottoman Empire, Pursians, etc. They actually found a gate to hell about 200 years prior to the Euro's and have been exploring it since. They have a lot of cool prince of persia style guys as well as Djinn.

Demons - Hell's native residence. At first they thought the europeans were comical, but upon seeing the power of the Gun, and a Cavalry charge, they stopped lauging and started killing. Most of the Demon's leaders are Fallen Angels.

The Immortals - These are the Chinese guys. They have been in hell a long time and started becomming half demons themselves.

The Lost - These are Demons with no lord or Angel to control them. They all have various reasons why they have no lord, but all they want is to be free and have land of their own. In a hilarious way, these and the Saraceans are the only good guys.

Last is the Mercs, they work for money, or glory, such as this awesome dude, Don Quixote.

I ended up grabbing the starter box for The Lost. That Centepede dude is just too sweet. I think I rushed into getting a box though, had I really looked everything over I might have chosen Westerners instead. Either way Im happy with the Lost. I took some time over the past week and this weekend and got my lost painted up. I also have them all on Micro Arts Studios Chaos Bases.

Here are the Models I own.

My Current Officer Isha Akshay

The Fangs of the Pit

The Retarius

The Squamata Warriors

So now I'll go ahead and get in a few more games. Then I can come back to it and give a better overview of the game itself.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Armor Cast

So I've been working on getting enough Sci-Fi-ish terrain to make up a full Infinity Board, and its gone pretty well thus far. Mike Sold me all his 40k buildings for pretty cheap and I had few other odds and Ends, but I wanted some smaller pieced to fill out my board. Enter Armorcast. Their website has a ton of all Resin terrain and I gotta say the stuff looked pretty good. Each piece isn't very expensive, but thats a dangerous part. I had to cut a few things off the list to keep the price down. In the End I had 5 pieces I really Liked.

Shipping Container

Oil Tank

Propane Tank

Oil Barrels

Soda Can Tanks (Put a Soda Can in the pegs, and paint it up. Should look cool)

I was very excited about my purchase choices. I cant remember if this was April or May that I put in my order, but early spring time frame. After 2 weeks and no shipping update or merchandise I began to get a little annoyed. I sent an e-mail to their Customer Service department asking what was going on. I got a response to effect of, "This Spring we have been doing GREAT! As such we're really backed up." And that was it. Another couple weeks roll by and I send another e-mail. After a month I figured they could catch up and send my stuff. Never responded. And like clock work I sent an e-mail every two weeks, and to remain consistant Armor Cast ignored me. Finally last week I sent them a pretty angry E-mail that said, I either wany my product or my money back, and I really dont care which. They still never responded, but I recieved a notice from Pay Pal the next day that my items had shipped.

They arrived yesterday and I have to say the Quality is great. These items will be used in my infinity games regularly, and maybe in No more room in hell too. But I personally wont use Armor cast ever again after this experience.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Two New and Huge Malifaux Models!

First up the Dead Rider. I realize now maybe I should have done some progress pics or something, but here is the story. I bought him the second he came out yesterday. And wasted pretty much no time, I got home put him together and primed him. Then after bowling I started painting him, this morning I based him and Blamo, he's done!

Next we have Snowstorm. Now I am excited for Snowstorm, but not as excited as I was for the Dead Rider. This is Wyrd's 1st Resin model. I think they did a good job with it too. The Detail is really fantastic, but there was a CRAP load of flash. It took me a good half hour to clean the model. Then I tried to dry fit the arms and there were seriously large gaps. Nothing a ton of green stuff wouldn't cure, but still annoying. I let the GS dry over night, and this morning I finished his assembly. Including Pinning Snow and Storm to their resin base.


Lastly a lot of rumors had been floating around about the size of Snowstorm. So I took a side by side of my two new Giants. The Dead Rider is the same size as the Hooded Rider, just less bulky. Snowstorm is right there with them, even on the resin base. Its a pretty big model, just not close to Nightmare Chompy big.

Friday, July 1, 2011


To finish off the crew I posted yesterday, here is Candy. The little girl with a basket of candy and big ass pair of scissors.