Tuesday, June 29, 2010

FSA is back!

Well its not really back because it never went anywhere, but Mike and I dusted off the ships and got in our first game since the Campaign went caput. We planned it thursday or wednesday or sometime. But on Friday I got off work and hit the Fabric store. For the modest price of $14 I got a 6x4 Black Mat and several sheets of Colored Felt. I used Gray felt to make Asteroids. Blue for Planets, yellow for Suns, and Purple for Nebulas. Mike augmented my felt bits with his expensive terrain and we chose a mission. It works like this. Divide your force into 5 groups. Place a secret marker next to each one. Deploy Terrain. each player then puts one random marker anywhere on the board. You must be I think 20inches from your opponents marker. Then each turn you get place 1 random marker on a random board edge. At the start of the turn you roll a Die to try and bring on that section of your fleet. I got the early advantage when I deployed 4 cruisers to his 3 Frigates. The next turn I got on My battleship, while his token didn't show up, Next turn I got 8 Frigates, his battle ship rolled in, and his 3rd marker stayed off. This is when things got ugly. My Cruisers spent the early parts of the game harassing his Firgates until they were destroyed. I turned my Battle ship and Frigates on his Ship and laced into it with full force. I even managed to take out its Primary weapons. While we was waiting to get more ships into the fight I had taken his Battleship down by half its hull.

A couple turns later we both managed to get out fleets on and the battle began, but by that point I had finished off his battleship and fully healed Mine. Our cruisers went toe to toe, and as expected the Sorylians took the advantage, it helped when I took out a full Cruiser and a cruiser at 2 life with 1 round of shooting. But not to be outdone Mike's Frigates when on the warpath. They were one-shoting Sorylian frigates left and right cutting holes into my squads. But attrition was on my side as my fleet outnumbered his. Our last Frigates blasted eachother into oblivion and Mike looked at the board. I had 2 squards of 2 Cruisers and My battleship relatively unscathed. Against 1 Cruiser with 3 damage and Mike's Final battleship with 5-6 damage. So we called it there.

Despite his poor luck early Mike was able to rally his troops and put up a damn good fight. A few lucky rolls the other way and he easily could have turned the tide. I would like at attribute my victory to my brand new Frosty Blue dice. They were on this weekend, and I can only hope they stay that way in the future.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Call of Duty 3

I'm 4 years behind the times on this one I know. But I did just beat it so deal with it.

Cod3 is a pretty sweet game. You get to shoot Nazi's, see French people die, and be Polish. What more could anyone want right? All in all it was a solid game. Im playing them in basically reverse order as I beat World and War first then cod3. I really like the WW2 setting, and the history lessons that goes with the game. this game took place right as the Allies started to make their push into France after D-Day. You start in a small town outside the Beaches of Normandy and then alternate between Americans pushing the Germans back from the south. An englishmen who parachuted in behind enemy lines to disrupt supplies, A Polish tanker, and a Canadien Machine Gunner. The other three nations represent the northern push against the nazis. Both forces pushed the Germans back to the French town of Chambois. Where the Americans eventually drove them out, and the allied forces made a straight push back to Paris eventually kicking the Germans out of France. But the game ends at Chambois. A lot of fun, but like world at war it was too short.

So After I finished cod3 yesterday I was trying to decide what to do. so I grabbed cod3, assassins creed 2, and my verizon rebate card and hit up Game Stop. I grabbed Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 2. And Damn... I have played into the third level so far and I am just floored by how amazing that game is. I had heard that the even numbered games were better and Im getting and Idea why. Im really looking forward to playing through this one.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Finishing out the Arcanists

With the possibility of a tournament approaching I've been trying to get my dudes painted up. With these guys finished I only need to paint Rasputina her self to finish out the crew. She was technically painted already, as I bought her from Chris painted, but she wasn't finished, and rather then try to touch up his work I just figured I'd paint her myself and see how I do. Still, enjoy the Acoylte and Hoar Cats... there are two bases of Cats, but they are pretty much the same.

December's Acolyte

Hoar Cat

Monday, June 7, 2010

Still on a Painting Kick + Game Report

I figure its only a matter of time until I just burn out on painting models, so i figure I'll try to get as many done as I can before the inevitable occurs. Mike and I also played a 30 stone game this weekend. Marcus vs Ramos. In the game Mike hit the table with an army fully painted by him. I think thats a first for him, so Kudos! But he got me inspired to paint up my Sabertooth Cerberus. I also knocked out the essence of Power too, but he was more of an after thought.

So yesterday Mike and I hit up the GPC for a Malifaux game. I set up all my terrain on the 3x3 board, giving us 5 buildings (just got a new church looking one) 2 forests, 2 lakes, walls, fences, up-turned wheelbarrows, bags of salt and sugar. really all kinds of crap. Mike flipped Slaughter and I got Assassinate. We also forgot to pick schemes, but that wasn't that important in the end. Mike won iniative and mentioned his box set is pretty fast, then he proved it. His rattler, waldegiests, Sabertooth, and Marcus made a be-line for my side of the board. I had barely made it out of my deployment zone when we engaged. Joss faced off with the rattler. Johan with the Sabertooth. He was also moving the woods closer to my crew with the Waldegiests, which was keeping Ramos in a bad spot. My spider swarms were trying to help the engagement, while Ramos stood back near my Brass spider to Stoke him. Things went my way early as I was drawing a lot of Tomes, which Ramos really needs to keep his crew in the fight. I was also keeping Joss healed and raising his armor as many times as I could. I took down his Rattler with Joss, then His sabertooth with Johan. He responded killing Joss with Marcus and Johan with a Waldegiest. My spider swarms really took over at this point dropping his Waldegiests with their insane number of attacks. Marcus ran over and engaged ramos and just started to whup his ass. Marcus as this great spell where he buffs himslef, and half the game mike shorted himself 1 effect from the buff. But at this point he realized his error and Marcus was usually +2def, +1 flip to combat, and +1 attack. Ramos was hanging on by a thread, and I only managed to live because ramos flipped a face card for damage prevention, with 1 life left. My spider swarms engaged Marcus and with the 12 of tomes in hand my Brass arachnid let the spider in base with Marcus re-activate. It was enough and the lord of beasts fell to a clittering hoarde of spiders.

I took a picture right as we engaged here it is.

Those forests moved until they were each in base with Ramos. The one on the left moved so that it covered Joss, the Rattler, and my Spider swarm. The other waldegiest is beind the church, and my brass arachnid is out of the shot to the right.

The game had a lot of back and forth in it. I thought it was clearly over when i killed the rattler and cerberus. But his responses really evened up the game. I think the key here was I kept drawing tomes. In my first game with Ramos I didn't draw a single tome until turn 3. Also I was able to Stoke 4 times that game. Which requires an 11+ of tomes or the red joker, which is what I flipped 2 of those times. Ramos' key is his ability to reactivate, and the Brass Arachnid co-operated nicely.

Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm a machine!

All of Ryan's Witchling Stalkers are painted.

Still have Criid and Spirit of Flame for his stuff. Then 4 models for Josh. I think Johan will get bumped into position next, I want to paint my stuff too damn it!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I paint a lot I guess

Finished Ryan's First 2 models. I chose to start with Nino and the Executioner, since they are his auto-includes in every list.


Nino has such an odd pose, that it was hard to take a picture of him at a decent angle. He is basic browns and reds, which i think fits the guild well. His pants are a bluish gray and he has a white shirt. My favorite part was painting his very fine hat.

The Executioner

Gave him red pants to keep the army theme color in. This isn't actually the final product. His skin ended up too dark after the wash so i went back over it with a light flesh tone highlight to bring it back up. He looks even better now.

And lastly I found my missing Spider leg and assembled my Brass Arachnid. Since the Spiders are easy to paint I went ahead and got him out of the way. My Ramos' crew is very close to fully painted now.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Malifaux'ey goodness

So i decided I would no longer tie myself to single faction. Since I don't really care for Nicodem and there are a few Ressers Im just not a fan of I decided to sell off Nicodem, Mortimer, and my Vultures. I went ahead and picked up Ramos and a few Constructs to play him instead. So...

Here's Ramos


And a Couple Spiders

I also have Johan and a Brass Arachnid on my painting table, but the Arachnid is missing a leg. I also need some more Mechanical Spiders.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Some Movie Reviews

I've seen the bulk of the movies that were set to release this spring and Figured i'd do my own review of them. I will do my best to keep spoilers out of the reviews.

Iron Man 2
I had a lot of problems with this movie. Overal it was fun and a decent watch. But after how much I liked Iron Man 1, it was a little bit of a let down. I would say its about to same drop off from Spider Man 1 to 2. While the second was still a good movie, the 1st was just way better. There were several cool parts to Iron Man 2 and some great teasers in the movie which made it a good watch. There were also a few ridiculous scenes like where Whiplash is walking down the street as cars flip all over the place and blow up and he is just slow motion walking. Just a little bit Cheezey. I'll give Iron Man 2 a B-

Prince of Persia
This was better than Iron Man 2. Again its a movie with a lot of action and is just a lot fun to watch. Jake Gylenhall was a badass, which I guess a few people didn't think could happen. Down side to this one was that about halfway through the movie they give you a piece of information that basically tells you exactly how the story will end. Still the action was great and the story was pretty good. Total B+ movie

Robin Hood
This was amazing. I am still floored by how great this movie is. Russel Crowe was a fantastic Robin Hood. If you are expecting the traditional Robin Hood story then you will be disapointed. This movie more explains how he became Robin Hood, then explaining his Legend. It was a great movie though. At the end I was crying for Riddley Scott to step up and remake the real legend of Robin Hood movie as a sequel to this one. And I generally don't like sequels. Fantastic Movie and one of the best I've seen in a while. Robin Hood gets an A, easily

So thats that. Coming down the pike I want to see; Night and Day, Last Air Bender, and Sorcerors Apprentice.