Monday, July 27, 2009

CE L5R + other things that are on my mind

I've been playing test game after test game and it took me a while to understand how CE works. Force is key, which hasn't been true in forever, there is no kill, and send home is the only proactive battle action. Except there is still kill, you just have to be running certain decks to take advantage of it. Shugenja can kill, Kensai can kill, and range attacks. All in all the game is really damn boring. I have been pretty bi-polar about CE since it was announced, first i quit L5R, then i was all psyched for it, and now I just don't care any more. Today i was supposed to go to my first L5R tourney since Gen Con, so basically 11 months. I bailed for no reason. Ellen had given me permission, she was all set to make other plans, and for the life of me I couldn't work up the desire to drive to dream wizards to play. Today was my epiphany, L5R is now boring, no deck, clan, or play style could honestly change my mind at this stage. *shrug* and for the life of me, I still can't seem to care. I'll try honor next, maybe if I play a total shit-bag ass deck I'll actually like the game, not overly hopeful.

Summer Movies have been real hit or miss, Star Trek, which were it a person i would have sex with it, or let it have sex with me, but i would know that it would way too good for me and could totally get a better guy... or woman. Transformers 2 was pretty much an abomination to the concept of story structure and plot. Shia Lebouf(sp?) was pretty cool, but the whole story made no sense. Hangovers was hilarious, i laughed till it hurt, Bruno was likewise hilarious. I pretty much refuse to see Harry Potter, because i haven't really like any movies except the 4th one, so I'm just done with it. GI Joe will be the next movie that lets me down, honestly I am really excited for it, but its hard to think it will be more than just mindless action.

I think I'm just in a pissy mood so I'm done for now.

p.s FOOTBALL!!!!!! I'm so excited, right now i make my bold predictions for the season. San Diego wins the Super Bowl. Redskins go 10-6 make the playoffs but don't make the NFC championship. Devin Thomas breaks out and is a star. Jason Campbell proves all the damn nay-sayers wrong, is amazing and guts Management for dissing him.

p.s.s I get to be in Mike's wedding party! I'm so gay!