Monday, June 3, 2013

Malifaux Two. Malifaux harder

Wyrd has released public rules for Malifaux the Second and I have been reading them over this weekend, so lets get right into my initial thoughts.

#1 Lets start here, I like what I see. The game still looks and feels like Malifaux did, which is a huge positive.  The game size does not seem to be increasing, which I like.  And the men who represent my faction seem to be getting stronger.  at least on the surface.

#2 Interesting changes that have grabbed my attention.  Soulstones are weaker.  I think for me this is a neutral change.  Soul Stones are now in my eyes used for prevention flips and gaining suites, adding them for +flips in duels not all that worth it.  Scheme pool, this took me a while to think over.  Now I like it.  There is a very specific reason why.  Bodyguard/Holdout.  This standby that people began to lean on like a crutch was pretty annoying.  Now your schemes will have to change game to game.  No more relying on ones you know and have done a hundred times.

#3 New Art.  So far I'm somewhere between dislike and flat out hating it.  Everything feels Comic-bookey gothic.  Nothing seems all that cool to me.  Seamus went from looking like the charming killer who could lure someone to their doom, to a deranged hobo who has to stalk the shadows since anyone who sees him would go screaming for the hills.  McMourning does look cool.  I really dislike the new Vicki's look.

Ok so Im gonna break down the 3 Resser masters and what I've noticed in their new rules, that seems fun.

Seamus - He looks hella fun.  I love his teleport ability, and they friggin buffed his gun!  I would say he continues to be my top choice for playing ressers, but now I will play him in games without the Avatar.  Also his pimp slap is pretty cool.

McMourning - As far as Im concerned he doesn't summon anymore.  Its a bit of a shame, and he CAN summon, but its not nearly the factory that he once was.  What replaces that is the helacious combo of 4 attacks every turn, and an upgrade that says no soul stone prevention for you.  So any damage he deals is sticking, and he can rip some faces off right quick with that scalpel.  Pure Melee master now in my mind.

Nicodem - What a buff machine.  give guys fast, summon new one, always giving out +flips.  He's not the same dude he used to be.  He reminds me of a D&D dark cleric.  But I like almost everything he does now.  My huge exception is summoned minions losing half their wounds.  thats totally lame.

Also I googled Malifaux 2 to find some fun pictures for this article.  This came up and I decide it had to relevant.