Monday, December 28, 2009


Wow. That is the word i can use to describe this one. The movie was down right brilliant. It has an amazing story and the visuals are literally the best I have ever seen in a movie. I had received an e-mail from a friend asking me why i hadn't seen avatar. It was a rhetorical question, and i wasn't overly thrilled about the prospects of this one, but i was floored. I had low expectations going into this film and I left speechless. This is one of the best movie's I've seen this year, and I think the more i watch it, the more it will climb my all time list. James Cameron set out to change the way we look at movies, and he has done it.

Bonus review!

Up in the Air was a very great movie. It had a great cast, strong emotional moments and George Clooney delivered. I may disagree with his political views but I will see just about any movie he acts in. See this one too!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New GM Same Crap

I wasn't expecting the first game under Bruce Allen to show me how far the redskins had come from their losing ways. Hell I'm not expecting next season to be any different. I am very excited about this hire. Allen will take over all the aspects of running this team and Snyder will sit back and cut fat checks. This is what the redskins have been missing for the last 10 years. Cerato and Snyder was a disaster, Hopefully Snyder will learn to keep his ideas the hell off the football field and back into what ever the hell business he's in. Honestly I have no idea what he does, if you told me he owns Grey Hound I would probably believe you.

Monday night was appalling. The worst part is the Offense got their act together. In the first half the redskins had nothing. It was a 24 point game and the offense had like -2 yards. On the last drive they started to move the ball, then with 12 second left instead of taking a time out, taking 1 shot at the end zone and if they miss oh well kick a field goal! they wait until there are 2 seconds left, then call a time out and try a swing door for the TD. So what Jim Zorn wants everyone to take away from this is he thinks Hunter Smith is better at throwing TD's than Jason Campbell. Damn you OLD MAN!!! kick a god damn field goal! get on the board!

Second Half the Offense drives right down and scores. If they had taken a field goal, its now only a 2 possession game. Not that it mattered the defense really failed in this one. But maybe a few points a little momentum could get the D to step up. Our secondary is bad. Probably one of the worst in the league. God knows how we've been able to keep this top 10 against the pass illusion going for so damn long. COVER YOUR GOD DAMN MAN! why is this so hard? LaRon Landry TACKLE! don't hit, TACKLE! Wrap him up and bring him to the ground don't fly like a missile at the spot your hope he's going to be! You miss so many times going for the big hits, your a worthless bust! Go play in the UFL.

The giants are not a great team this year, except when they play the redskins. They suck, its just the skins suck more. Thier passing game is week, not against us! They can't create QB pressure, they sacked and hit campbell like every time he went to throw! They can't run, well the redskins can't stop Amahd FRIGGIN Bradshaw that shit stain who only plays well 2 games a year!

Top Needs for the redskins:

O-Line - Campbell can't play when he's being hit every god damn time he drops back to pass

Secondary - Maybe we should get someone to cover opposing receivers and just maybe a real free safety would be nice.

Linebacker/Running Back - We need studs in both of these positions, but not as bad as we need others. A fast Back who can catch and reverse field is he needs to, Chris Johnson is pretty good, think he'd come to Washington?


Dallas Too

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sack Machine

Now i understand that Sacks do not win football games. Last year the league leader in Sacks were the Dallas Cowboys who failed to make the playoffs. But you can't over-look the importance of putting pressure on the opposing QB. Since about February of this year I have been high on Defensive End Brian Orakpo. His drive, strength, motor, maturity, and talent had proven him to be the class of this years Defensive players in the Draft. My surprise as teams passed on him all the way to number 13. Kansas City reached for a different Defensive End in Tyson Jackson, who was rated much lower. The Packers and Bills both took Defensive linemen before Brian Orakpo was taken, while these teams have clearly seen their folly by now, their loss was the Redskins gain.

Brian Orakpo was brought in to rush the passer. But the redskins had a more pressing need at linebacker. So the team thought they would mold him into a hybrid style player. This had some good in it, despite removing him from his natural position. It helped Orakpo develop more skills as a run stopper and in pass coverage. His transition made him a complete defender. But his shining moments have come with his hand in the dirt. 11 sacks on the season for the rookie. Earlier this year there was talk that recently rookies with decent sack totals have been a bust in later years. Gaines Adams came in his rookie season with 6 sacks but has yet to top that in two more seasons. Amobi Okoye had 5.5 his rookie year two years later his career total is 8. David Harris had 5 in his rookie season two years later his career total is 11. The biggest disappointments has been Bears player Mark Anderson who had 12 sacks his rookie year has never regained his former magic. Orakpo stands apart form these men as one of the Few whose sack total and ability do not look like a one year wonder. His ability to get after the passer is comparable to Dwight Freeny, Shawne Merriman, Jevon Kearse, and Julius Peppers. As are his rookie numbers. What makes his ability more amazing is that unlike the Sack kings mentioned above, he only gets to rush the passer half the time. The rest he is forced into coverage situations. Next season there is no reason to believe Orakpo will do anything other than play DE and that is when we will see what this amazing athlete is capable of. The rookie sack Record is 14.5 Orakpo stands at 11 with three games remaining, if he can break that record then Washington will have a Rookie of the year on their squad for the first time since 1975.

Monday, December 7, 2009


At this point in their Season the Redskins are now a pitiful 3-9. Yet this season has been marked by the what ifs and the most aggravating losses I have ever seen. Im going to break down the season in my own mind and make myself feel worse, if not for some scientific purpose then for the mere fact that I am really really bored.

Week 1 - Redskins Open the Season at the Giants for the second straight year. This is annoying, we don't play them well and seem to have a mental block against them. The offense plays like crap, the Defense hasn't learned that Sacking a QB is a positive thing. Skins lose a bad game to fall 0-1. Not the end of the world, but they need to build on this for the next few weeks as they face a bunch of losers.

Week 2 - Home Opener against the Rams. Redskins don't find the Endzone and the offense sputters so badly in the redzone that we almost give this one away. But a W is a W at the end of the day Redskins even out at 1-1

Week 3 - Disaster mode begins early this year. The redskins get beat by a team who hasn't won a game in over a year. Campbell plays well but the Run game is no where to be seen. The first two starts of his career Stafford opponents blitz and confuse him. The Redskins decide to give him time to work with a bland and easy Defense. The Redskins gift the Lions a win to fall to 1-2. So begins the Death Spiral. Had the Defense played to its potential the Redskins would have won this game easily and been 2-1.

Week 4 - Home again with the lowly Bucs. The redskins are playing the bottom feeders this year. With the running game pushing itself upright for a single week the redskins squeak out a win against a team they should have no trouble with. easy win made difficult. 2-2 (should be 3-1)

Week 5 - The spiral continues. The redskins play tough hard football and take the lead over a team they are most likely even with in terms of skill and leadership. Then in the most interesting call of the game, Byron Westbrook is hurled into Randal El on a punt in the 4th quarter causing the fair catch to bounce off him. the Panthers Recover and the ball is awarded to them for this. Then in true redskins fashion the defense takes a nap and lets Johnathan Stewart run for a game winning TD. Redskins fall to 2-3 (should be 4-1)

Week 6 - Jim Zorn felt benching Campbell at half time would help spark his team from his anemic play. Instead he sent in the perennial bench warmer Todd Colins to complete 1 pass and threw the game away. This was a turning point for the redskins. When Zorn was relieved of his ability to call plays in favor of Bingo Mastermind Sherm Lewis. Redskins lose another easy game. 2-4 (should be 5-1)

Week 7 - Redskins don't understand the concept of the speed player or a double move. D-Jackson runs rampant. The offense puts up its customary 17 points and goes home to cry. Changes are made, but no effect yet. 2-5 (should be 5-2)

BYE Week - Redskins stick to the plan with the Bingo Mastermind unaware of the spark of life this team will soon receive.

Week 9 - Going into Atlanta the season was all but mathematically over. In the first half Michael Turner decided it would be fun to fun all over this apparently talented Redskins Defense. But something happened in the second half. The offense started to click. The line decided to no longer be a revolving door of failure. Portis decided that running the ball was no longer something he wanted to do. And success came. A victory did not, but the change was lasting, and sparked this team into action. 2-6 (should be 5-3)

Week 9 - Redemption came in the form of a victory! Breaking the barrier of the evil number 17 the redskins outscored outplayed and out everything the Denver Broncos. Bingo Mastermind Sherm Smith was no longer the butt of a bunch of Bingo Jokes, he was recognized as the Man who allowed the skins to score points. Life was returned to the Washington Hopeful as they saw that not only were the redskins mathematically back in it, they were spiritually back in it. 3-6 (should be 6-3)

Week 10 - Back on track the Redskins dominate the cowboys for 57 mins. Better on D better of O, but a severe lack of scoring cost them. With only a 6-0 lead Dallas lead a comeback drive the redskins could not match. A heart breaker for the Skins who seem to invent ways to lose. A game they should have won, but in the NFL there aren't should have wins. 3-7 (should be 7-3)

Week 11 - Once again the Redskins are poised for success creating a large 4th quarter lead, but once again they invent a way to lose a game. Instead of a game sealing TD the redskins settle for a field goal. a decision that costs them as Philly rushes down field scores, converts a 2 point conversion to tie it and later kicks a field goal to win the game. Once again the redskins outplay their opponent and lose. a disturbing trend, but something to build on. 3-8 (should be 8-3)

Week 12 - Against the most talented offense since the 99 rams, the greatest show on turf was grinded to a screeching halt by this Washington D. Until the saints learned that redskins still haven't learned what a double move is. also that LaRon Landry is actually a Strong Safety being disguised as a free safety. Still the Redskins outplay, outheart, and outman the saints for 57 mins. Then with the clock running low, the saints out of time outs Suisham pulls his most unclutchness out from the depths of his ass and pootches a 23 yard field goal. 23 yarders are gimmees. screw everthing you hear about how the NFL is hard and anything you do is hard etc etc etc thats fucking loser talk. Suisham is a fucking loser and thats why when the skins need him. when they could be winning games off his leg he chokes and shits all over everything. FIRE HIS ASS and get a kicker who understands the whole between the uprights aspect of kicking. Suisham you are officially a shit stain. 2-9 (should be 9-3)

Coulda woulda shoulda, about describes this season for the skins. With Oakland next and then a game against the cowboys who believe winning in december is for sissies the skins could be 11-5 this year and a lock for a playoff spot. Instead they found ways to suck the wins away and wallow the postseason away at home. Many things can be taken from this season so far.

1. The redskins are close to being a good, team. In fact I would say we are the best bad team in the NFL.

2. We play to our competition.

3. The skins might not need to look outside the franchise for the next head coach. clearly Zorn is a tool and has to go, but why not make Bingo Mastermind or Danny Smith the next HC? what have we got to lose? its almost working, let it ferment for one off season and then bring the boys back for one more go.

Watch out for Dan Snyder, he's a dick!

Finally HAIL TO THE REDSKINS! we may not make the playoffs this year, and next year might be all false hope and rampant disappointment, but this team has a lot of heart and a fan base that loves it. Go Skins!

Monday, November 30, 2009


First off im tired, i feel like since i've started working i've been more and more tired. there needs to be a nap time that should come in the thirty minutes following lunch or after you've been at work for an hour and the energy built up from hating your commute fades.

The redskins season died spiritually in week 2 against the Lions, but mathematically it died yesterday. at 3-8 even a five game win streak won't be enough to claw into the playoffs. So its time to rebuild. I think the redskins need to do a few things to start the process. Here is my idea of the matter.

1. Fire everyone! sounds cruel and extreme but I think the redskins need a clean slate. The coaches need to be replaced, Start with a brand new head coach and let him pick the staff that works with him. Zorn did not have the luxury and has been at odds with his staff and crew. The management side needs to go and has needed to go for years. Cerrato should be gone, and his whole crew too. Clean house and start over.

2. Hire a GM with some brains who can stand up to snyder and make decisions. People have been saying this for years and it comes down to Snyder. He needs to step back and let someone who knows football take over. try to lure Chris Polian away from Inddy

3. Hire an Angry coach. This team has been coddled and loved by their nice guy coaches. They have walked all over them and shown Zorn no respect. Its time for an Asshole to take over. A coach like Coughlin or Parcels. Someone who doesn't want to be a friend and a shoulder to cry on. This team has 0 discipline and needs a leader who will command their respect. Drop a load of dollar bills on Gruden's doorstep and see how long he wants to commentate.

4. Take out the trash. Players who get paid to suck at football need to go. Carlos Rodgers, LaRon Landry, Stephon Heyer, Clinton Portis, Fred Smoot, Malcom Kelly, Renaldo Wynn, Randy Thomas, and Philip Daniels. Some of these guys are heart and soul players who have great attitudes and are strong leaders, but this team needs winners. Thomas can't play a full season, Heyer can't play period. Gotta go, find some hungry free agents for low money and bring them in until you can replace them in the draft.

Bam 4 steps, quick, clean, efficient!

I was going to talk about dragon age, but im out of steam. GO Skins! rebuild and conquer all!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


The Yankees have done it, they made history by winning their record breaking 27th world series. Of course the record they broke was their own. In fact looking at it today the Yankees have no competition for the greatest franchise ever award. They have 27 championships, no other team in any sport has that many. Next closest is the Canadians in Hockey with 24. But they haven't won a cup in 16 years. Outside of an abysmal 80's the Yankees have won the Series at least twice every decade. In baseball the race is even more lopsided. Second to the Yankees 27 titles is St. Louis with 10. They almost triple the second place team. History is on the Yankees side as they have been around since the 20's and many other baseball franchise's have not. But its the consistent ability to be a contender, winning so many titles that makes the Yankees stand out among so many other storied franchises.

Game 6 was beautiful. The Bombers were on fire. The First Matsui homer was sweet enough, but he just kept on driving the runs in. I was very disappointed when A-Rod stepped up with the bases loaded and didn't crush one into Jersey, but Matsui's amazing skills came alive anyways and I'd be lying if I said Andy Petite didn't look like 24 year old stud out there. I can't be alone in the mindset that as soon as Rivera took the mound that game was over. Huge lead and possibly the greatest post season closer ever? Great End to a great series. a game 7 would have been ridiculously magical, but I would have been too worried if the Phillies had won 2 straight and were getting Sabathia on short rest.

The redskins suck. I just needed to get that out there, I still love the team, and I'm dumb enough to hope the Snyder will finally realize that he knows nothing about football, hires a great GM and just sits back cutting checks while watching someone take his precious toy to the promised land. Fire Zorn and Cerrato please. Cut the whole damn offensive line, Cut Campbell, Portis, the Receivers... moss can stay, and trade Landry for some draft picks. rebuild this team around a young talented QB, and give him a solid line and receivers who understand that in order to be play makers you have to get open.

Wizards are great this year, i know its going to be a good post-season run. I'm a little peeved at the losses to Miami, Atlanta and Cleveland, tough opponents to be sure, but those are the guys we will have to beat in the Play-Offs. Maybe we just miss Jamison, but its not like Blache hasn't pitched in. Seriously I'm very pleased with this depth of this team and the coaching. We are 2-3 right now, but its a long season and there are a lot of games to play. We get rematch with the heat in less than a week, so lets get some revenge and get back on track.


Arcane Legions is the bomb diggity. I wish i had more free time to play, but on the same token i remember the last time i had all the free time i wanted i was single and pretty miserable, so I'm glad my time can be spent with Ellen instead of playing games every night. But beyond that I still wish i had more time to play.

Im painting a new unit of Plague Marines, which represent Plague marines #41-50, It seems excessive, especially since i never use more than 10 in an army, but these are going to be painted to match my new stuff, so i will have a more cohesive looking army. Also since i've been informed that GW will be upping their tourney level back to 1850 i need to paint a Rhino to match my Noise marines. If only i could tell past me to stop putting the mark of nurgle on all my vehicles life would be much simpler.

L5R still sucks
Warmachine like half sucks
Fantasy Sucks harder than both of those two put together, yet every time i read another fantasy book i get this crazy idea of how awesome it would be to build an army to look like this or that from the book. Currently i want to build an empire army. Stupid Graham McNeil with his amazing diction and inspiring story line. A empire army with gunners and swordsmen and cavalry sounds sweet. But then i remember that if i want to play with that army, i would have to play Warhammer fantasy and it all goes away.

Monday, July 27, 2009

CE L5R + other things that are on my mind

I've been playing test game after test game and it took me a while to understand how CE works. Force is key, which hasn't been true in forever, there is no kill, and send home is the only proactive battle action. Except there is still kill, you just have to be running certain decks to take advantage of it. Shugenja can kill, Kensai can kill, and range attacks. All in all the game is really damn boring. I have been pretty bi-polar about CE since it was announced, first i quit L5R, then i was all psyched for it, and now I just don't care any more. Today i was supposed to go to my first L5R tourney since Gen Con, so basically 11 months. I bailed for no reason. Ellen had given me permission, she was all set to make other plans, and for the life of me I couldn't work up the desire to drive to dream wizards to play. Today was my epiphany, L5R is now boring, no deck, clan, or play style could honestly change my mind at this stage. *shrug* and for the life of me, I still can't seem to care. I'll try honor next, maybe if I play a total shit-bag ass deck I'll actually like the game, not overly hopeful.

Summer Movies have been real hit or miss, Star Trek, which were it a person i would have sex with it, or let it have sex with me, but i would know that it would way too good for me and could totally get a better guy... or woman. Transformers 2 was pretty much an abomination to the concept of story structure and plot. Shia Lebouf(sp?) was pretty cool, but the whole story made no sense. Hangovers was hilarious, i laughed till it hurt, Bruno was likewise hilarious. I pretty much refuse to see Harry Potter, because i haven't really like any movies except the 4th one, so I'm just done with it. GI Joe will be the next movie that lets me down, honestly I am really excited for it, but its hard to think it will be more than just mindless action.

I think I'm just in a pissy mood so I'm done for now.

p.s FOOTBALL!!!!!! I'm so excited, right now i make my bold predictions for the season. San Diego wins the Super Bowl. Redskins go 10-6 make the playoffs but don't make the NFC championship. Devin Thomas breaks out and is a star. Jason Campbell proves all the damn nay-sayers wrong, is amazing and guts Management for dissing him.

p.s.s I get to be in Mike's wedding party! I'm so gay!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Warmachine mkII first glance reveiws

Ok so the power level of the game is plummeting. The things that used to be crushingly powerful are now much more tame.

I will start with the good so i can later rant on and on about the things that annoy me.

Cryx Warcasters seemed to keep their overall bad ass feel. They all kept their best abilities. Denny's Feat, Everything Asphyxious does, Goreshade kept soul gate and mage blight, the nerfed Cloak, but its still great. Skarre got a much needed nerf to the skarre bomb but otherwise is pretty much the exact same. The cav is Def 14, the heavy jacks are just amazing, more mat and more p+s. The whole feel of the game is changing but a lot of the little things i used to love are still there.

Ok... now for the bad.

The Coven: they suck! i understand that they were too good as they were, but the change to conjunction was enough, don't take away their only means of killing casters by dropping the POW of their only offensive spell! Now they literally have no uses. they could never handle a lot of troops now they just can't handle anything.
E-Skarre: Why the hell does Nemo get the keep his ability to uber allocate focus, but E-Skarre loses her. she is a freakin pre-cog! but she can't retract focus anymore, like she needed a nerf she always sucked.
Terminus: they changed ravager... not sure why i would use the new one. the old one was amazing but a double edged sword. giving a jack thresher is pretty weak especially since the main jack i would use it on (Harrower) already has it.

Jacks: Way too freakin expensive for an arc node. no stat boosts so they still die like crazy but now i have to pay more for them. makes no damn sense. Also i was promised that models that used to suck would get a boost so i would have some sort of desire to use them. My defilers and Reaper will still NEVER hit the table. (reach isn't enough, +2 range on the defiler is solving the wrong friggin problem)

Units: Biles are really freaking expensive. Soul Hunters are pretty lame. no brutal charge, no impact hits, only speed 8, and no longer ignore free strikes, so yeah Cryx is back to having the worst cav again... i miss having good cav already.

I'm actually done right there, writing this is making me really hate MKII and i don't want to hate it yet. i want to play it and then decide how much i hate it. but i am really really unhappy now that i have had a chance to put my thoughts on... something (paper?) Unless they seriously fix some things, i think MKII will be a really boring ass way to play warmachine.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ummm. today?

i haven't posted in a while so i felt like it was time to write a little bit. i have decided to stop fixing my grammar at least for today's post. i don't have much to talk about but i here are a few things i got going on

I'm poor. the damn government is supposed to send me a check for the home care i've been doing but so far i have a lot of hours and $2.43 in my checking account. come on barrack your writing checks to everyone else. oh thats right i can do political commentary too... but generally i won't.

So Gilbert Arenas came back saturday and really had a great game. 15 points 10 assists, after not playing for almost a year is pretty damn good. I'm very excited about next season. with a little luck we will get the first overall pick and be able insert Blake Griffin right into our rotation. Also Tapscott... its been fun and your a really great guy, but we just feel like we need a coach to coach our team. seriously, i head avery johnson is looking for work.

I have a warmachine tournament this weekend. hopefully it will be a great send off for MKI. I'm going to take a list that is basically cheating. i'm going to bring a pillow so i can catch some ZZzz's between rounds. I don't think its possible for me to lose with this list, but who knows. if someone kills my Cav or both my heavies i will indeed be boned.

Pretty sure thats it for today. i'm really hungry

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patty's Day

Well anyone who actually reads this would most likely know I'm Irish. Now I do realize I'm kidding myself by assuming anyone reads this so... on with the blogging!

It the first time since I was 18 that I haven't been drunk on St. Patties Day. I just didn't feel the need to drink tonight, plus I was pretty far from home and knew I was the driver for the evening. I can only hope my ancestors forgive my egregious error. Anyways I had a blast tonight. Which brings me to the real reason I'm writing this blog. Battle Star Galactica the Board Game!

So much fun to play. You are either a human or a cylon, but in the manner of the new show no one knows who is actually a cylon. For the first time I got to be a big bad Cylon. And damn was it fun. I rocked the espionage so that when a conversation of who couldn't possibly be a cylon came up i was the only name thrown forward. Then with the game on the line, I tanked the humans, and killed them off, causing the Cylons to achieve their victory. I was very pleased as was Mike who happened to be the other cylon.

Also since i;ve been wanting to write it for a while now: Watchmen was a great movie. I have a theory though that in order to actually enjoy it you have to have read the comic. But either way, I liked it and will buy it.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cooking Channel

It may sound weird but I find myself addicted to this channel. I always like cooking, most of my recipes are pretty basic, cook up some chicken or steak add rice and that's about it. But I really try to broaden my horizons. Its a really fun channel to watch though, I don't think I could every really recreate these dishes, but that's not really the point. But i do get some pretty sweet ideas. I think its time for me to broaden my cooking spectrum to include ribs. I mean seriously who doesn't like ribs. The problem is I never pay enough attention to cook the meals they show on this channel. Like right now the lady is making ribs and instead of watching I'm writing this.

Oh and because I just saw it I feel like I need to comment on it. Olive Garden as the absolute worst advertisement department in the world. Every commercial looks fake and the actors are so cheesy and forced. Come on nobody is that cheery and that happy just because they get unlimited salad and bread sticks. It's not that they aren't delicious, I love those break sticks. But my god every time i watch those ads I just want to punch a kitten. Not really I love my kittens.

Oh yeah

Since my passion really is the Redskins, i wanted to talk about free agency a little bit.

So the big three siginings: Derrick Dockery, Deangelo Hall, Albert Haynsnworth.

Dockery is returning after a two year hiatus with the bills. His presence will shore up the left side, along with Samuels they should easily keep Campbell safe and manhandle any defenders allowing Portis some room to run.

Hall is a risk in my book. But i think the skins system will fit him very well. If he can get at least 8 picks this year and not get burned regularly by receivers he will be well worth his pay check. 8 picks or 6 with 2 returned for a TD.

Big Albert Haynsworth: This is quite a signing. Yes i do believe he will instantly make our defense go from a perrenial top 5 to competing with Pittsburgh and Baltimore for best in the league. With his presence we should be able to finally get pressure on the opposing QB and force a turn over or two every game. But he isn't an every down player and its been said that he won't give it his all. I like a true naive believer will shun those naysayers and hope that with the addition of this big guy we will be catapulted into an elite defensive unit.


Sean Springs: Sad to see him go, but i have to say it would have been my decision too. He is a great guy and I wish him a lot of luck in New England. Especially guarding T.O. those two just can't shake each other.

Marcus Washington: Same thing as with Springs. The whole left in this slot will be tough to fill. I'd like to see H.B Blades step up, but I'm just not sure he is ready.

Jason Taylor: Ugh, what a waste. Still he would have been great on a line with Big A, Griffin, and Carter.

Demetric Evans: I was really hoping we would re-sign him. He was starting to come into his own with the team.

With the loss of Taylor and Evans the right side DE is a seriously gaping whole in our defense. Add in the loss of Washington and the whole right wide of the front 7 is weak. We will need to shore that up in the draft is my thought. Hopefully we can draft a DE or an OLB in the first round.

Back to Blogging

Most of my blogs to this point have been me rambling on and on. And on occasion I have used this as a more positive outlet for my feelings or frustrations. Either way I feel like this is as good a place as any to write out my thoughts on sports and I guess life in general. So on to start sports.

I watched the caps game tonight. I won't try to say I have always been a huge fan of the team. It’s only recently that I have started to follow them. I always prefer the home teams, but hockey just never held my interest the way football does. But with once Ovechkin showed up I started to follow the team. I must say it’s a lot of fun to watch your team play when you have the best player in the league on your side. I know a lot of people don't really care for Ovy, but I like to think its just jealousy. I do understand that he is quite a personality and some may frown upon his antics, but there is a huge difference between his antics and the all about me personality of a guy like T.O. So on to the game. Every time the caps play the fliers I always assume its going to be a loss. I never feel like we match up to them well. Tonight honestly felt like it would be the same way. But man did they come out and play with a lot of intensity. It was a nice win, and showed that the caps can really play defense as well as solid offense. Ovy's goal was sweet too.

In my own tiny realm of sports I went bowling tonight. I've been trying to learn how to hook the ball instead of just throwing it as hard as I can down the lane and hoping something good will occur. And tonight it really felt for the first time like I was able to get some consistency in my ball. I ended up with a 133, 123, 82, and a 115. The 82 game was pretty poor I had two spares and something in the area of 5 gutters on my first ball. My tenth frame went gutter spare gutter. But the important thing was I didn't get discouraged and was able to finish with a 100+ game. And now my arm is really tired, generally I don't play 4 games.

As for life, spring break is really boring. My brother is in a nursing home for 8 more days, so I don't have him to keep my occupied, my side-kick is in Baton Rouge so he's out, and everyone else is at work. This might be my worst spring break ever, or I'm being melodramatic. Either way, it is nice to sleep until 11 or 12 every day.

I got my copy of Metamorphosis this week. The book is pretty amazing. I was very disappointed by the fact that the Circle lost every fight once again, but by this point I have grown to accept it as inevitability. Seeing my name in the credits was probably the best part of the book.

I guess that will rap this up for now, my goal is to make at least one post a week. Maybe more I feel like I have something to say.