Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quick Paint Update

The Warmachine competition painting is going so poorly I doubt I'll finish. Still just E-Baldur and the Feralgeist are painted. Unless I get on a roll in the last month I may just bow out of this one.

On the upside I've been on a paintin frenzy for Malifaux!
Recently I have painted up
Collodi & his Marrionettes
Ashes & Dust, also the Ashen Core and Dust storm
All 3 Drowned

I try to keep my Malifaux painting queue small, and this recent flurry of painting has helped that out. No idea what all is on it at the moment, but the big ones who are likely to get painted soon include:

Desperate Mercenary
Desolation Engine

as for the Hordes crew, Ghetorix will be in hand today so Im not completely out

Thursday, March 8, 2012

QB of the Future

So the Skins need a QB, like right now. I guess they can wait until free agency or the Draft, but the point is they need a QB bad. There are several options, which is good since there are several teams looking. I have some predictions about where this years top QB's will land.

Andrew Luck - Colts, this is my gimme so I get at least 1 right.

Peyton Manning - Dolphins, Great location, stays in AFC, has best team ready for him today. Also its warm down there.

Matt Flynn - Browns, I think Cleveland wants to keep their 2 first round picks. Flynn will let them do that and bring in some firepower to help him out immediately.

Robert Griffin - Redskins, I know this is probably wishful thinking, but I really want this guy to come here. Come On Skins make the damn move!

Ryan Tannehil - Seattle, with the top 4 guys off the board/market Seattle grabs Tannehill and hope Pete Carrol can develop him into a winner. Also think Seattle nabs Kyle Orton or Jason Campbell to work as starter till Tannehil is ready.

I'll check back after the draft in April, I predict that my predictions will be 100% accurate!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Chillin with the Vicki's

I'm not sure what it is, but lately all I wanna do is play the Victorias. I have been able to get in 3-4 games with them in the past couple weeks and they are just plain awesome! The games they play usually go very similar. I run up to midfield, grab fast and go to town on my opponents crew. Its pretty 1 dimensional but even still I find it exciting and fun to play regardless. I know its a long ways off but at the moment Im considering taking the Vick and Levi as a 1-2 punch to the April 7th tourney at Huzzah. We'll see how things go leading up to that.

So far the only loss they have taken recently was to Dreamer and even that game was close. Remarkably brutal and short, but close I think by turn 3 the only models left were Chompy (down to 1 wd) dreamer and a day dream who was chilling well away from the carnage and even still it ended 8-6 (Missed Assassinate on chompy). That game was fun. And after that its been all checks in the win column!

Its also eaten into my warmachine painting time. Instead of working on that I have painted: 3 Ronin, Taelor, and pretty soon should have a Desperate Merc and Misaki painted for her.