Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Caps Game

So last night Ellen and I made the horrid trek into DC to see the Caps play. Her Manager was given tickets by a Subcontractor, but wasn't able to go, so he passed them on to Ellen as a thank you for being the only person at her job sight who does work.

We went to a place called BGR The Burger Joint for dinner. By sheer happenstance I saw the place in the Washingtonian magazine yesterday and it sounded amazing. The place has 8 burgers and 4 types of sides. Thats it. They do milkshakes too I think. I got, "The Burger" with Bacon, Cheddar, Lettuce, Pickle, and Mojo Sauce. I also got their fries. Ellen got "The Greek" which is their famous throwdown with Bobby Flay winning burger. Her's had Lamb, with Feta, Cucumber, white yogurt sauce, a HUGE tomatoe, and lettuce. Both burgers were out of this world, seriously go try them. Its a near religious experience.

So DC Sucks. It took us waaayy too long to get to the stadium, at one point DC has construction set up so people are driving on the wrong side of the road. This was apparently normal since I was the only one who seemed hesitant about this. Eventually we made it in though and Our parking pass was for the Garage at Gallery Place. We parked, under the Damn Verizon Center, it was sweet.

We head straight in and go to our seats. We weren't sure if we were right on the glass, but we were totally RIGHT on the glass behind the goal where the Canadiens were warming up. Right as we sat down a puck smacked in the glass, it was really damn loud, we both jumped a bit.

About 2 minutes later a puck slipped over the glass and fell right under my seat. It was pretty awesome.

So we watched the game, barely getting up from out seats. Ever time guys got smashed into the glass in front of us Ellen and I would bang on the glass. I was on TV apparently too. It was with out a doubt the BEST gaps game experience I have ever had. I have sat in the second row behing the glass once before (when the caps sucked) But this was just totally different. Also being behind the Goal was amazing. And during the 2nd Intermission Slap Shot was skating by and I slap my hand up on the glass and he gave me window love. It was a wierd moment, but I felt like we really connected. And as a bonus the Caps won 3-0. All the Goals went in on our side.

With 2 mins left the Canadiens down 2-0 pulled their goalie and I started yelling Cheap Goal for Ovie! and sure enough he snagged the puck on a break away and got an open net goal. I was thrilled. But nothing beat Mike Green's Goal. I was right there to snap a photo, but fumbled my camera, so I got the guys skating away after the celebration. But they were like 5 feet from me when they piled in on Green.

Picture Time!

Caps Right After Green's Goal



Slap Shot

Varly's Victory Lap, He was Player of the Game

And Lastly, A shot of our Awesome Swag from the game. Tickets, Programs, and My Puck

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pulp City

So Huzzah has this way of getting in products and then making me buy them. Its like hypnotism or something. Or maybe its just old fashioned gamer ADD. But who cares, Yesterday I went into the store with a few things in mind. First, my Battle Foam Pack MINI arrived after a month on order (yay) next I wanted the Small World Expansions. (got both) next up I wanted to buy the Something Wicked Expansion for Touch of Evil (didn't have it, its on order) and lastly I was pondering picking up a starter for Pulp City. I pondered for about 10 minutes and then remember I had already told chris to reserve me one so I got it. Lets look inside =)

So first things I had to choose between the Villains and the Heroes. Those who know me well enough know that I subscribe to the lord helmet philosophy of the world. "Evil will triumph over good, because good is dumb!" Naturally I got Villains. Mike who agrees with this sentiment in all aspects except miniature games oddly enough grabbed the Hero box set. So my team of Villains consists of 5 dudes.


The Ape with a mini gun. In Pulp there is an entire subfaction of Ape men, who are fighting to overthrow the Humans and take over the world for ape kind. They are also all mercs who fight for either side.


A ninja assassin kinda chick. She has a silenced uzi for a weapon.


Hellsmith is fallen Greek god. He was second only to hephestus as the Forge god, In an attempt to rise in Power he sided against Olympus and was cast down. Now he trolls the streets of Pulp-City with a big ass hammer and a chip on his shoulder.


A horrible accident left Nuke a mutated mess. He is mute and psychotic. His powers are emense though, immune to all radiation he is a powerhouse capable of massive damage.

The Gentlemen

My personal favorite. The Gentlemen is a Villain, but works more for money and will work with the Heros for a price. He is a sophisticated hitman, and prides himself on his abilities and is capable of slaying even the most powerful foes. Plus he wears a suit when he kills people.

I have just finished assembling my dudes, and they are ready to cause some serious trouble on the streets of Pulp City.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Random Musings and Christmas Thoughts

Hope everyone had a great christmas. I know I did. I ended up getting some really cool stuff.

Got 5 models for Infinity, which finishes off my army for it. I now have a full caledonian army ready to rock.

I also got Fallout: New Vegas and Descent the dungeon board game, which is really cool.

Ellen got me A Touch of Evil along with the character pack. We got a chance to play it yesterday, its a really cool game, the Head-Less Horsemen is a real Jerk. He beat my butt into the ground several times throughout the game. But we had the last laugh as Brian cut his 30+ wounds in half on his first attack of the Showdown. I played the School teacher, who I thought might suck, but she scaled up quick once I started getting her some books. She gets +2 combat for every book, so at the Showdown I was laying into the horsemen with 7 dice. So far I have played Invasion 2 times, Last Night on Earth 3 times, and Touch of Evil 2 times. And in that limited experience, Touch of Evil is my favorite of Flying Frog's line-up.

As 2010 comes to a close I am in a bit of a different gaming state then I was at the end of 2009. I am more into Miniature games then I was a year ago, and I contribute that mostly to Malifaux being a really awesome game. My board game collection has grown considerably from the tiny selection of Bang and Munchkin, to include about a dozen games and expansions I have picked up or been gifted with since around august of this year (Yay Gen Con) and I still love role-playing, this year saw me try my hand at my first long term campaign idea. It went ok, I would like to say Mike's wedding killed it, but Im pretty sure it was my poor planning that doomed me.

So what to look forward to in 2011? Well more Malifaux for sure. More of my favorite board games, especially Battle Star Galactica's new expansion. And maybe some new things hitting the table for me. I have been looking at 3 miniature games as the year comes to a close. Here my inital thoughts on them. We'll see how they fair into the new year.

1. Infinity - I own a full crew for this game already, but both test games I've played have ended the same way. I have an uber guy and he will use all my action points this turn to own your armies face. Now your uber guy activates a bunch of times. etc, Im hoping there is more too this game then what Im seeing. But if not, then I have invested $0 of my own money, so no Big loss.

2. Distopian Wars - Another game in Spartan's line of the same game with different packaging. From what I hear its the best of their naval line of games and It sounds really cool. Here are my detracting thoughts. I own FSA already. I hardly play FSA. I have seen this game being played at Huzzah 1 time. Its not cheap and there will be a rather extensive line of models that go with it. If I had all the free time in the world, I would certainly get into this game. I don't, and since I doubt I would play this game enough times to justify the cost of it, I think Distopian Wars will be a game that I just stay out of.

3. Pulp City - Another Skirimsh size game (god how I love them) with an integrated turn system (swoon) and its played with Super Heroes Fighting Super villains (I need new shorts) on a city map where everything is fair game to whomp the crap out of each other. See a lamp post? hit someone in the head with it. See a fleeing citizen? (oh yeah there are citizens fleeing your battle) Throw a car at them and force the Hero to come save the day. Im not really sure how the game plays. It has an action system kinda similar to Infinity, but you get more actions, and each model has a cap for how many actions it can take. Also you need a single D6. Thats all I got for the moment, but the models are super sweet, and It just looks like a boat load of fun. I already have my Villain starter on order at Huzzah. Im gonna swing by and hopefully pick it up today.

And lastly the games I already own: I can see myself playing maybe a dozen games of MonPoc throughout the year. Its a nice change of pace game, and its always fun to smash a town to rubble with giant monsters. I dont really see my 40k, fantasy, WM, or Hordes getting signifigant playing time. And I do see a lot of my spare models for those games hitting Ebay to help Finance my Honey Moon, or just to get them out of my closet.

So thats the end of 2010, most likely. Lets hope 2011 is as awesome as I think it will be... come on october, daddy needs 2 weeks at the beach!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

McMourning vs the Dreamer

Got to get in 2 games at Huzzah this past weekend and figured its been a while since I've posted a battle report up.

Game 1 McMourning vs the Dreamer.

McMourning, Chiuahauah, 2 Canine Remains, Sebastian, 2 Necro Punks, 1 Belle, Bette Noir
The Dreamer, 4 Alps, 1 Stiched Together, Copelius, 3 Day Dreams

Missions. I got Deliver the Message, adding Frame for Murder, and Grudge Match. He got Plant the Evidence and added in Kidnap and Body Guard.

He started off slow the dreamer popped up and did a few tricks. I rushed the Center of the board to clog the most terrain pieces and prevent him from getting quick grabs as best I could. The game got under way when McMourning sent a Flesh Golem over to say hi to the Dreamer and a Daydream. Taking major offense to this Chompy popped up and slapped the poor Golem silly. With a message in hand a Necro Punk bounded after Chompy Bits but failed to get close enough to tell him that McMourning wants to stuff him taxedermy style. The turn ended with Chompy in Melee with the Necro-Punk and no other nightmares on the board. Mike won inititive and took the chance to slap the poor necro punk around. This played into my hands as I had called that little guy to be my framed for muder victim. 2 vps! Chompy shrugged it off as Mike has called Kidnap on the little guy (and 2 dogs who Mcmourning was nice enough to kill) claiming 2vps right back. Chompy then reverted back to the cute little child of wonder and threw out a Stiched together. McMourning Ran around and scooped up the body parts of the dead Necro Punk and Flesh Construct, while Sebastian and my last dog tried to corner the Stiched Together. Sensing its impendig doom the Stiched Together gambled its life several times vs McMourning. My hand was rather depleted, and I was forced to use Soul Stoned to keep the Doc Alive. Wasting no more time on the Doll, the Doc, Sebastian, and my Last dog shred it, getting me 2 more VP's for Grudge Match. The Doll being a tough sob to put down got one last go of McMourning with 2 more life Gambles. But a lucky flip by me a black Jocker by him kept the Doc around.

I won the next turns Init and used the chance to have McMouring scalpel sling himself up next to the dreamer and give him the message. +4 Vps! Then I went fast and slashed the kid to ribons. The response was impressive. Every nightmare popped up surrounding Sebastian, McMouring, My Dog, and My Necro Punk. Chompy kicked things off Maiming my Dog and Sebastian. Copelius Then went around paralyzing my Necro Punk preventing him from fighting. With almost my entire crew on Lock down things were turning against me fast. Looking at the Board I had the Doc and my Belle left, with Bette hanging in the wings. But the game was winding down and he hadn't activated the points on the Board. The Necro Punk paralze activated and promptly Died from the Alp Auras, this caused Bette to pop up in melee with Chompy. She then took a slice out of the big monster doing minimal damage, but draining his final stones. The alp team then ganged up and took her out, Luckily she was able to save herself with one with the night.

Turn 6 started and Chompy made mince-meat out of a Copelius paralyzed McMourning. Bette popped back in and with a VERY luck defense flip avoided a blow by Chompy. She then went to work putting the big guy down for good. (Body Guard broken). At this point My ploy was very obvious. Load up mikes awesome new toys with big juicy targets and make sure he has so much fun slaughtering them he wont be able to plant the evidence that proves I am indeed a giant douche bag. The ploy worked and he was only able to activate 2 points. With a single Belle at 4 hps and bette my only two living models I pulled out an 8-4 Victory over the dreamer. My first win against the nasty jerk, and Mike's first loss with him. 3 Cheers for the Mad Doctor and his crazy skillz!

My other game was Leviticus vs Ramos. John was playing Ramos and really played his heart out, but the match up seems very one sided. Levicus kept making sure there were no scrap counters on the board and any time a steam punk died it would drop a corpse counter instead of a scrap counter. It made a very rough day for Ramos. Despite some amazing play, such as nickle and diming Teddy off the board, and Bringing a fully charged Joss up to threaten my Wagon, the disadvantages were too much and Leviticus pulled out an staggering 8-2 win over Ramos. John and I will get a re-match in soon I hope, I believe we are 1-1-1 in our games against each other now.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


DISCLAIMER: I can totally change my mind on this at any time

But Im totally Friggin done with the Redskins. Seriously Rex Grossman? what the hell! Either admit the McNabb move was a mistake and move on, or screw it I don't care. This organization is such a mess that I just don't care any more. Im not sure Im ready to jump ship yet, buts been on my mind. I think this off season will be my last chance for the Redskins to prove to me that they have some for of competent people somewhere in the organization and not a bunch of knee-jerk, assholes who jump at the slightest chance to sign a big name player and sell jerseys instead of building a proper team from the ground up like every other successful team. We need youth god damn it. Freaking figure it out.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I've been itching to dust off a few of my old favorites and MonPoc ended up winning the fight thanks to D6G talking about it in their last podcast. Yesterday Mike and I e-mailed back and forth and that Helped spark my memory on the rules. So last night I bugged Ellen enough and she agreed to a game after we decorated our tree.

Game was pretty simple We lined up and beat the tar out of each other. The map was called Highway to Hellvue and we placed a ton of buildings on it. She and I stumbled a bit through the rules, (banning a few pieces since I couldn't find out what they did) On turn 2 she had set up an amazing power base. She saw 3 buildings with 2 powerzones near her spawners. Two of the buildings game a bonus power die when powering up so with that little area she was racking up 7 dice each time she powered up. I had to Run Terra-Khan over there, Hyper form him up and blast through it to keep the game more even. We ended up pretty close. She Finished off Terra Khan with a body Slam through a Fire building when she had only 2 HPs left. It was a great time and I think we both had fun. She did comment on how much easier the game was to understand then Malifaux and Warmachine.

So after the Game I pulled out my 3 strategy Guides and started flipping through them. I think Im going to try and Keep MonPoc on the Middle Burner for a while see if anyone else gets the itch to dust theirs off too.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holy Cow Teddy is Done Already?

As a matter of fact he is!

Wow Dan thats amazing!

Thank you, I know.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I wanted to do something unique for my teddies base, so I took a ghoul model I got in the mail and made green stuff intestines for him. Should look pretty creepy when its all done.
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