Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finishing my Malifaux painting

So I've been working on painting up my stuff at a pace that suits me. I generally wait until I need a model for a game, or I use it in one and am impressed by it before I paint it. This has done very well for about 90% of my dudes. I just went through and complied a list of the models I have left to paint. There are 22 in total, spread across 4 factions. Im going to try and regiment myself to get these painted up. (I also have a commision job that I dont want to do, but I accepted because im a pussy, the commision job adds a lot of models and I dont want to think about it right now)

3 Crooked Men
Lost Love
3 Nurses
6 Mindless Zombies

I might only end up painting Miss Pack from the nurses. I never realy use them and I dont see the need to paint up the other 2 nurses when I wont use them.

Ice Gamin
2 Spiders
Hoar Cat
Electrial Creation
Steamborg abomination.

I dont do a fantastic job with my archanists. They are usually just looking for table top ready. These 6 models will get paint likely in this order after I finish my ressers. There is a chance the Ice Gamin never gets painted. I hate his pose, and I dont want to give him a resin base.

Desolation engine

This is my sole unpainted outcast model. Finishing it means a finished Levi crew. there is a lot of incentive here.

Papa Loco

There is very litle incentive here. I haven't played my guild in a very long time, and I dont like them as much as my other crews. Still for completeness I might get to these two.

So thats my general order for which I want to paint things. We'll see how it goes as I also sprinkle in my commision work inbetween

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pic Heavy Post

realizing that i have very few Infinity models I decided the best plan would be to paint them up quick so I wouldn't have to worry about them anymore. It seemed to work out, since I have painted all but 1 of them. I will see if I can knock him out today or tomorrow.

Here are the pics of the rest of the crew.





Highlander Gray


Grenade Launcher

Highlander Gray

William Wallace

Caledonian Crew

Monday, May 16, 2011

Infinity Battle Report

So this might be a bit shoddy since Im still learning the game. I'll try to explain this as best as I can.

Chris came over early on Saturday and we got in a pair of Infinity games.

Game 1 200 points Caledonian's vs Nomads.

(On an awesome note, my 200 point list is fully painted. Pics soon, I just keep forgetting to take them)

Chris was testing a list with Remotes, which as I came to understand are robot walkers with big ass guns. We drew similar missions. We both had to destroy each others points, protect our own and get off to our extraction points.

This is a the first game I've played with proper terrain. We had a mix of AT-43 and Warhammer 40k Buildings. with a half dozen sandbag walls thrown in. It made for a damn cool battlefield with tons of cover and not a lot of huge firing lanes.

I deployed first and ran my guys up into cover. I sent my Heavy Machine Gunner up to a crows nest type area to get a decent spread of cover on the board. The rest of my crew stayed on the ground and moved towards my objective markers.

Chris went next and used the majority of his orders on activating his Remotes. I traded shots with one and my machine gunner, but eventually lost out and my Gunner was killed. That was pretty much all the action turn 1.

On turn 2 I was able to work my Linked team of Volunteers and Uxia, my stealth recon chick into place to hit 2 of his objective points. I destroyed them and was feeling pretty good. I also took a popshot at the Remote with my Volunteers and managed to kill the damn thing. Turn 2 wasn't as good for him. He did get his stealth guys moving towards my markers.

Turn 3 My Wulver took out the 3rd objective and I had completed my primary mission. He was very close to my markers and I doubted I could hold him off from taking them so I started booking my whole crew to my extraction zone. He killed off my SAS, a lesser stealth recon guy. I was sad to lose him, especially since he was very close to the extraction zone. He also blew up his last objective points, completing his primary goal.

Turn 4 The Wulver dropped his second remote as he ran for the exit. Uxia tried to engage a stealthed marker, but it turned out it was less of a guy, and more like a landmine. so she bit it too. My link team and my Lt. were both in good cover very close to the exit zone. The Wulver was a step behind. On Chris' turn he got one of his guys to the extracion zone and was clear.

Turn 5 My Lt. threw a smoke grenade to cover the escape, my Link team and the LT. booked it full speed to the exit zone. they took some fire along the way but lived and were extracted. My Wulver ran next but was a bit behind them. He caught a lot of fire and didn't make it to the end. Chris' guys were too far back in his zone to make his extraction point so we called it there. We both got our primary objectives, Our denial objectives were to protect our points. we both failed pretty badly. And our secondary objective was to get to the extraction zone. I did with 5 models, he got 1. so I pulled what is likely a minor win. It was a lot of fun. And a really good game with all the terrain on the board.

We played another 300 point game. But I dont really feel like I can describe what happened overly well. It was a pretty brutal game. I think we both had 11 guys start the game and only 2 each left alive at the end. He won that game getting his primary and seconday to me only getting my primary. The big highlights were when he dropped in a para-trooper right on the back edge of my board and it killed off like 3 of my models from behind even as he died. Then when my 3 man Wulver link team charged into a 5 man hassassin destroyer squad. I lost 2 wulvers on the charge, but still killed 3 destroyers and another model who came in to try and get the wulver away. It was pretty badass.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Infinity Models painted for realz

So I've had these guys for a while and no real desire to paint them. But now im getting an itch to play with them and that usually means I have an itch to paint them. Main goal for this crew is to get decent table top quality with minimal effort in the painting process. It seems to have worked. As I painted these three in like an hour.

So here they are. These are essentially my "core" choice dudes. They are weak and cheap, but when they fire together are actually pretty impressive

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Look same Awesome Content

So I went ahead with the new look afterall for my 200th post. I had gotten a little tired of the green on green on green. Hope you guys like it. If its at all hard to read let me know so I can fix it.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Colette and Zorida have a Tea Party

Or maybe Mike and I played a game.

So 35 stone scrap between the Lovely Ms. Du Bois and the Uggo Zorida.

Colette 7 Stones, 1 Dove, Cassandra, 1 Performer + Mannequin, 2 Coryphee
Zorida 6ish Stones, 1 Mature Nephlim, 3 Slurids, 3 Terror Tots.

He got Line in the sand for his mission, which he backed up with Kidnap and Bodyguard
I got Plant the Evidence to which I added Kill Protege and Sabotage.

Turn 1:
Mosty a lot of moving to start. Cassandra started at the very edge of my deployment zone and was able to get to a building and Plant some evidence proving that Zorida was actually way uglier then advertised. His tots and Slurids hauled major ass up the board and were very close to several of the Dynamite Markers. My Coryphee Duet'ed and hit 1 tot 1 time for 2 damage. Colette then Jumped into range of a Slurid and dropped it with magicans duel.

Turn 2:
A bunch of craziness happened here, In no clear order. The Duet killed a Tot. Zorida dropped Poison on the Duet with her Vodoo Doll. Colette got hit 1 time by a Slurid, jump away and left it there with no one to attack. She then jumped back and killed both Slurids, she also made a new dove. Both Doves failed to hit the Vodoo Doll with Magician's duels. Cassandra moved into the next building and planted more evidence. The Mature charged into my Duet but I was able to protect it with good cheats.

Turn 3:
Mike won Init and the Mature attacked the Coryphee his hand must have sucked becasue my 7-8 flips were stopping him in his tracks. Then on his final shot I flipped a Black Joker. He did 6 damage dropping me to 2, with Poison 2 still on them. Cassandra went and tagged another building. The Tots started lighting Dynamite. Zorida obeyed the Mature to hit the Duet again but it missed, so Zorida turned into a Bird a flew away. This turn I had drawn a really sick hand. I had the Red Joker and a 13 of Tomes in hand. So I figured 2 solid shots at a disapearing act better go for it. Colette went, jumped in, and cast disapearing act, I cheated the 13, and stoned for the 12 of Tomes. Destroying the Mature Nephlim outright. We then called it there.

Things went really well for me on that turn. It allowed me to have a shot at saving the Duet (Would have tried to heal it with my Mannequins) and drop the Mature.

To this point I can only recall 1 loss with Colette. She seems to like me as much as I like her. (Also I finished painting and basing her whole crew, and it look awesome)

Monday, May 9, 2011


Without realising it I just hit 200 posts on my blog. I had a big plan to do a re-vamp of the blog set up, but It turned out to be a lot more work then I remember when I did it the first time. So I'm thinking a small change might be in order here. Or not.

Anways thanks to those who read it, and I promise I will pretty much carry on in the manner I have to this point. Sarcasm, witty photos (I know those are a new thing im doing but they make me laugh), and pics of Models I paint, etc. Heres hoping I keep my attention going for another 100.

Stylish Blogger Award

So I'll start this off by thanking Jay over at Blood and Blades for nominating my Blaggo blag as Stylish. So apparently this thing is kind of a thing. I'll let someone elses words explain that better.

Here are the rules:
-- Thank and link back to the person giving you the award (see above)
-- Share seven things about yourself
-- Select 10-15 blogs who you think deserve this award (10-15? I only read like 4)
-- Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award

So 7 things about me.

1. Im a bit of a joker. Its not like I pull practical jokes, its mostly just smart ass comments, but here and there I have found its tough for me to reign it in and be serious.

2. I can be extremely competative and I really dislike losing.

3. I was diagnosed with ADD, but don't actually think its a real disorder. For me it was just an excuse to be lazy in High School.

4. I never grew out of liking toys as a kid, which is probably why I play mini games today.

5. I like 95% of the movies I watch. Even bad ones are generally ok by me, since it allows me to escape reality for a couple hours.

6. I lie over the stupidest things just to keep in practice, in case I need to lie about something real later.

7. I sometimes worry that the people Im with can read my thoughts. yeah thats a wierd one.

So Everyone I would nominate has already been nominated by Jay. But I'll throw up links for their blogs anyways.

Mike - White Rabbit etc
Jay - Blood and Blades
Bill - The Dead Tau
Chris - Truddenia

Those are the only blogs I read. You gotta be elite to make my list son

Friday, May 6, 2011

Keep em goin!

2 mannequins. Not the best pics ever I know, but my lighting was crappy. Better pics may come later... may not. I like the Yellow one better.

Colette and Co.

I've been doing some work on the Show Girls lately as I try to finish off my Archanists (They are way closer then my Ressers)

So here we have the Lady herself

Miss Du Bois

Her Magical Mechanical Doves:

And a lovely Performer

Monday, May 2, 2011

Dan's Draft Coverage

I spent a lot of time this past weekend watching the draft and looking over what the Skins were doing. I'll take you through my thoughts on the picks as well as the trades we made.

1st round - The Skins had the 10th overal selection and traded it to Jacksonville. At the time I was pretty angry since Blaine Gabbert was available and the Redskins seriously need a QB. We instead dropped down grabbed another 2nd round pick and took Purdue DE/OLB, Ryan Kerigan. I have done a lot of reading on this guy and from what I have gathered he is a slightly less talented Brian Orakpo. But has a none-stop motor, is a damn smart guy (Academic All American), a penchant for stripping QB's, and a fantastic work ethic. This is a huge pick up for the skins since it means we will have solid bookend line backers to rush the passer. And he should help aleviate some of the Double Teams Orakpo was getting. To highlight how important a pass rusher is for the Skins, Outside of Orakpo no other player put up more than 2.5 sacks.

2nd Round - 41st overal pick the Skins went with another Defensive player, Jarvis Jenkins. He played tackle for Clemson, and should be a solid run-stopper up front. His pass rush is mediocre, but from what I gather he is a Huge Dude who should stuff the run and play a real strong End in our brand new 3-4 Defense. There seems to be a chance he could play the Nose for us, but I think he is a more natural end.

We then traded the 2nd rounder we got from Jacksonville for a later 2nd rounder as well as a 4th round pick. We then traded that 2nd rounder for a 3rd and 5th round pick. Big props to Shanahan for turning our 1st pick into a 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

3rd Round - Again trading down and down to bolster our picks in this draft the Redskins finnaly made a move at 79th overal taking Miami Wide Out Leonard Hankerson. He is 6'1 and has a good burst to create seperation. His route running seems to be an issue, but the hope is they can teach him that. Lets hope that goes better then it did with Devon Thomas. If this guy pans out he will be a true #1 reciever.

4th Round - So after trading down to hoard 5th round picks (we had 4) Shanahan made a move to go up and get himself a bargan bin RB to post up 1,000 yards next year. Trading our 4th, and 2 5th round picks for a higher 4th and a 6th. This trade allowed us to select Roy Helu from Nebraska. He is a strong 1 cut back (Means he makes 1 cut before he turns upfield and tries for a gain) which is the perfect style for Shanahan's Zone Blocking. Im not kidding when I say this guy should easily post a thousand yards, Shanahan does it constantly with late round backs. And if not they get tossed on IR and the next guy steps up!

5th Round - Redskins have 2 picks taking Saftey Dejon Gomes & WR Niles Paul from Nebraska completing our 4th and 5th round sweep of Cornhuskers. Paul might be a steal, as he has a little bit of a Devin Hester/Reggie Bush Quality. His advantage on those two is that he is naturally a WR and has played the position a long time. His downside is that he doesn't have great hands, but that can be worked on. Gomes will be a special teams guy and reserve safety.

6th Round - Aldrick Robinson WR from Southern Methodist, is a small speedy guy. not sure how he will fit, but does add another offensive weapon. Evan Royster RB Penn State is another solid 1 cut RB. He could see work as a 3rd down specialist, or could fight Torain and Helu for the #1 spot. We could also see a 3 Back roatation with all of them getting carries and Shanahan just going with the hot hand.

7th Round - Brandyn Thompson CB Boise State, Not the best CB out there hence his 7th round pick, but a solid player, could see work in nickle or dime packages and special teams use. Maurice Hurt OG Florida, good solid reserve interior linemen, unlikely he will ever start w/o injuries, but adds depth and thats nice. Markus White, DE/OLB Florida State another solid reserve player could help on pass rush situations and special teams. Won't ever start over Kerrigan and Orakpo. And our last guy Christopher Nield, DT West Virginia. This guy is interesting. He could have easily gone undrafted, 2nd to last player picked. But from what I read with a little polish this dude could be a solid starting NT in the NFL. We'll have to keep and eye on him and see how he does.

So in 7 rounds the Skins went into the day with 8 draft picks, through Shanahan's wheeling and dealing we got 12 players. A few of them will look to make an instant impact on this team. I kind of love this draft. we had the chance to grab gabbert and passed on him, which I like since it means the Skins are looking to set up the rest of the team and then place the QB in, much like Atlanta, Baltimore, and NYJ did. Its worked well for them, other teams have thrown a new QB into the fire with no help, such as the Redskins with Jason Cambell, no one will ever know how different life would have been had he had addequite help around him. Still we need a QB for 2011, and Im not sure how I feel about Sexy Rexy and John Beck.