Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Warmachine mkII first glance reveiws

Ok so the power level of the game is plummeting. The things that used to be crushingly powerful are now much more tame.

I will start with the good so i can later rant on and on about the things that annoy me.

Cryx Warcasters seemed to keep their overall bad ass feel. They all kept their best abilities. Denny's Feat, Everything Asphyxious does, Goreshade kept soul gate and mage blight, the nerfed Cloak, but its still great. Skarre got a much needed nerf to the skarre bomb but otherwise is pretty much the exact same. The cav is Def 14, the heavy jacks are just amazing, more mat and more p+s. The whole feel of the game is changing but a lot of the little things i used to love are still there.

Ok... now for the bad.

The Coven: they suck! i understand that they were too good as they were, but the change to conjunction was enough, don't take away their only means of killing casters by dropping the POW of their only offensive spell! Now they literally have no uses. they could never handle a lot of troops now they just can't handle anything.
E-Skarre: Why the hell does Nemo get the keep his ability to uber allocate focus, but E-Skarre loses her. she is a freakin pre-cog! but she can't retract focus anymore, like she needed a nerf she always sucked.
Terminus: they changed ravager... not sure why i would use the new one. the old one was amazing but a double edged sword. giving a jack thresher is pretty weak especially since the main jack i would use it on (Harrower) already has it.

Jacks: Way too freakin expensive for an arc node. no stat boosts so they still die like crazy but now i have to pay more for them. makes no damn sense. Also i was promised that models that used to suck would get a boost so i would have some sort of desire to use them. My defilers and Reaper will still NEVER hit the table. (reach isn't enough, +2 range on the defiler is solving the wrong friggin problem)

Units: Biles are really freaking expensive. Soul Hunters are pretty lame. no brutal charge, no impact hits, only speed 8, and no longer ignore free strikes, so yeah Cryx is back to having the worst cav again... i miss having good cav already.

I'm actually done right there, writing this is making me really hate MKII and i don't want to hate it yet. i want to play it and then decide how much i hate it. but i am really really unhappy now that i have had a chance to put my thoughts on... something (paper?) Unless they seriously fix some things, i think MKII will be a really boring ass way to play warmachine.