Monday, November 28, 2011

Puppet Painting Powow

+50 internets if you know why this is here

I have painted up 34 of my 49 puppets.

So Far I have painted:

Seamus, Lady J, Marucs, Pandora, Bette, Sebastian, Judge, Nino, Kade, Joss, Misaki, Alyce, Bad Juju, Rotten Belle, Punk Zombie, Zombie Chiuahuah, Nurse, Convict Gunslinger, 2 Executioners, 2 Death Marshalls, 2 Austringers, Witchling Stalker, Guild Hound, 2 December Acolytes, Razor Rattler, Moleman, Ice Golem, Piglet, 2 Cherubs.

That impressive list leaves me with only
Vicki, Hooded Rider, Nurse, Punk Zombie, Rotten belle, Guild Autopsy, 2 Slurids, Mature Nephlim, Sorrow, Razor Rattler, Ronin, Convict Gunslinger, Pig whisperer, Bayou Gremlins. And eventually I will have 5 teddies arrive at my door thanks to Wyrd's black friday sale. So the puppet painting craze will continue until every last one is painted up and ready for play.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Some Puppets!

My original idea for painting up my puppets was to keep it as easy as possible. Paint them up in their faction color, wash them brown or something and drybrush them with a lighter color. They would look cool, and be done in a few hours. But as I have played the game and realised I actually really like the puppet models I changed my tone. And now I have decided to paint them for reals. Well kind of, Im not going overboard on the scheme, and yesterday I painted 9 puppets in about 2 hours. The general idea here is to make them look as close to their cards as possible, so my none malifaux playing friends can tell what is what. Here is Marcus and his crew.



Rusty Alyce

Ice Golem


Guild Hound

December Acolyte 1

December Acolyte 2


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Puppet Wars

So Its been a long road to get here, but I finally have a fully set up game of Puppet wars. The biggest obstacle was that I decided against getting it at Gen Con. This meant I had to wait until October when the game released to get it. My family ended up getting it for me for my birthday. It was nice. Problem was I had asked Bill to pick up the Multi-player box set for me as part of our trade for painting the Von Schill crew. That took a while to get to me, and when it did, there were no bases or tokens. Wyrd was more then happy to correct the mistake and sent me a pack of bases and more green and red tokens. Now I had enough to play. BUT, I had a ton of Green and Red tokens and no blue or purple. I was able to fix that issue by stacking clear tokens on top of the red and green to allow 4 players to differentiate them. But I didn't like that idea. Also in the 2 games I played the same comment came up. Its tough to tell who owns which model while its on the board.

So last night Ellen and I went on a hunt to find a solution to these issues. We were looking in Michael's when she pointed out a set of Buttons. I thought they would make great stand ins for the tokens since Buttons are pretty cool thematically. I grabbed 6x blue, green, red, and brown (They didn't have any purple) Next we set out to find some kind of colored bands to snap on the bases of the models so we could have an easy to tell who owned each model. That took us to target where I was rummaging through office supplies when Ellen had pretty brilliant idea, the make tiny hair bands for girls in multi-color packs. We moved over to the Salon section and sure enough found some pretty nice bands. With some effort you can fit them fairly well around the base, or you can just slide them over the base and have the band sit at the models feet.

Last thing I needed was a case, I actually took care of this a while ago, but I figured I'd show what I was using to transport my puppets.

If you want one for your self

The funny thing about this case is that the foam that the models rest on and the cut out piece that keeps them seperate are two different pieces. Basically about half the time when I pick up a model the whole top layer of foam comes up with the model and the others all move around. So last night I sat down with my Elmer's white glue and glued the foam together, so that crap wouldn't happen again.

Its been a bit of an adventure getting all set up to play this game, but I have enjoyed the few times i've played it thus far. I actually seem to like Marcus the best, even more then Seamus.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I do love me

On an unrelated note my Iphone 4s arrived today. Good lord it has like 1,000 more games then the Android.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Molly Game Report

The Winter Malifaux achievment league has started and Once again I am likely to win Ressers by default! Its a touch lame, but on the upside it means I dont really have to try that hard on certain achivements, and I can focus on playing with Molly when ever possible. And last night I got in my 3rd game with her.

25 SS scrap vs Zee

I took; Molly, Necrotic Machine, Sybelle, Rotten Belle, Dead Doxie, 2 Crooligans, 5 stones

Zee had; Marcus, Jackalope, 2 Waldegiests, 2 Raptors, Shikome.

My Mission was Plant the Evidence along with Eye for an Eye and Kill Protege
Zee's Mission was Supply Wagon, along with Sabotage, and Kill Protege

I deployed Molly and Co. in my corner, and set the crooligans up on the other side of the board. His Shikome made a Crooligan its prey. I started by having Sybelle move up and use Call Belle to place my Rotten Belle close to a terrain piece I could drop evidence on. He responded by flinging Marcus, the Jackalope, and Both Raptors into combat with her. I slowly moved the rest of my crew up near the fight, using Imbue Vigor and Inviting approach to get the Dead Doxie into the fight very fast. She tried to smack Marcus but didn't do a whole lot. The Crooligans were facing down the Shikome who gunned it for the Sabotage terrain piece. They tried to ignore her as they ran towards their objective. The Waldegiests brought up the rear as they tried to assist marucs in the fight. My rotten belle went and with the help of Rot, I was able to one shot a Raptor. Lastly the Necro Machine moved closer to the Shikome.

Turn 2:
He won Init and Marcus pummeled my Belle, she used slow to die and killed the other Raptor. This ended being huge, as they were annoying, and on a meduim base so they each left 2 corpses for Molly. I used the Dead Doxy next and she did very little. the Waldegiest ran up, moved a forest onto the Doxy and killed her. Sybelle ran up onto a hill and planted evidence, then the Shikome Sabotaged its terrain. My Crooligans ran up to another piece of terrain, but didn't have any AP to plant evidence. Molly moved forward and resummoned a new Belle. Then the Necrotic Machine went and used the Lets both die spell on the Shikome.

Turn 3:
Marcus again took the Iniative and Charged into Sybelle. He took her down pretty hard. The Waldegiests ran over to protect the Supply wagon which now was facing two crooligans and had no support. The Crooligans planted evidence and moved towards the wagon. Molly stepped up and planted evidence, giving me 3/4 evidence markers down. She then re-summoned Sybelle, who did very little to the waldegiests.

Turn 4:
Marcus once again had the Init, he charged into Molly, who hosed up his attacks with her awesomeness. She then blocked the Jackalope's charge with Pitiful. Sybelle went next and removed the armor from one of the Waldegiests. My Crooligans and her went to town on the damn thing, but it lived. The other Waldegiest went and killed a crooligan. Molly finally went. She showed off her best buddy Philip's head, and made the Jackalope head for the hills. Marcus stood pat, but had to burn a soul stone to do so. Molly then summoned a Rotten Belle and the Belle planted the last piece of evidence.
At this point the game was fairly well in hand. His wagon wasn't moving much due to a large combat near it, and I was up on him 6-4, with Eye for an Eye looking probable.

Turn 5:
Marcus won init friggin again. Molly burned a lot cards and stones, but managed to live with about 2 hp. My last crooligan went and stabbed the wounded Waldegiest, droping him to 1 wd, but also giving it poison. The last Waldegiest tried to hit Sybelle, but she lived. The Rotten Belle I had summoned the turn before lured the Waldegiest away from the Wagon, and did a small amount of damage. Molly went, summoning a Belle and casting her damage spell at Marcus. I burned my last soulstone to make it go off big, it hit him with Severe damage causing Marcus to be paralyzed. The new rotten belle hit the Wagon with her Umbrella damaging it.
I was up at this point still 6-4

Turn 6 I won the init and my Belle killed the Wagon. we called the game here, and Molly took home an 8-4 victory.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Finishing out Molly's Box

I finished up Molly's Boxset this weekend. I really like the way the Crooligans came out.


Crooligan #1
Crooligan #2
Crooligan #3

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Getting Molly's Crew painted

Having recently picked up Molly she is pretty much the new hotness for ressers. This means I dont really want to play anyone else, so I have to get her new box set and totem painted.

I started with the Necrotic Machine since it seemed like an easy model to paint.

Necrotic Machine

I went with the Rogue Necro next since its big.

Rogue Necromancy