Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Litte Buggers

These guys painted up way too quickly for me and i was very worried that I had just done a very sloppy job on them. But after the Ink dried and I looked closely at them I began to realize they look pretty amazing. Here they are.

Malifaux Paintings Cont.

As of right now My Ressers are getting closer and closer to being painted. Of course like a moron I went out and bought a new box set today. Douglas McMourning has joined the Crew today along with Sebastian, his lovely Nurses, and His Undead Golem. I also got really inspired at painted my Convict Gun Slinger, to commemorate his amazing game in my loss to Zorida. I also painted all 3 Necro Punks, their pics will come later as they are drying and haven't been based yet.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Close ass Game

I just played a game against mike tonight and the title really says it all. To start the crews.

Seamus, 2x Belles, Sybelle, Grave Spirit, 2x Necro-Punks, Convict Gunslinger

Zorida, Mature Nephlim, Young Nephlim, Kade, Candy

We both had treasure hunt. He announced Body Guard and kept kidnap in secret. I announced Army of Undead and kept Hold Out in secret. So I had a possible 7vps he had a possible 8.

We moved into position around our growing town. the treasures today were a pair of hanged corpses whose magical potential were too great for either the Neverborne or Resurectionists to pass up. On turn 2 a Young Nephlim grabbed Seamus' chosen body, that didn't jive too well with the necromancer who had one of his talented Ladies call it over with Lure. On turn 3 Sybelle and a Necro-Punk went full attack on the Nephlim and killed him, the Belle then grabbed the body and made a hasty exit. The little Necro-Punk was killed by black blood as the Nephlim fell. Zorida then made her move, Commanding the Mature Nephlim to charge Seamus. The resulting attacks were devastating. Seamus was reduced to a single wound by the behemoth and the Vodoo Doll had yet to activate and could command it to swing again. Seamus took a spot of courage and pulled a red joker on his attack activating throat slit. The Nephlim was forced to ditch 2 cards to live, doing so lost Mike the Red Joker. Seamus healed with a Soulstone to get a few HP back so he could live through at least 1 more attack and tried a hit of his own on the Nephlim, much to my amazement and mike's chagrin I hit another Crow and Slit the beasts throat. Seamus healed up even further and were starting looking my way. Candy took a full compliment of fire from the Convict who dropped her to 1 wound. She and Kade did their very best on the attack and with the help of Kade's very powerful damage output dropped Seamus back to 1 wound. Candy was killed by a Necro-Punk in the process. The vodoo doll sent Kade another swing and the damned baby killed Seamus, giving mike vps for the Kidnapped scheme. Mike had 2 VPs. Sybelle tried to pick up the Neverborne's body but failed. Zorida flew in as a raven and snagged it. On the next turn my last necro-punk and the vodoo doll went blow for blow and thanks to slow to die both were slain. Kade was dispatched by the gun slinger, but Zorida had flown the coup with raven form. Sybelle and the Gunslinger chased the old hag as fast as they could. Two random game flips came up face cards and we played to turn 8. The Gunslinger trapped her in her own deployment zone and using rapid fire his gun's trigger which went off 3 times put a strong complement of shots into Zorida. But it wasn't enough to kill the suborn witch. She survived and the game ended. We were both able to achieved maximum victory points. he got 8 i got 7. The closest damn game I have ever played. My biggest mistake was keep Hold Out a secret.... That and on turn 5 I could have had the gunslinger charge zorida with the red-joker in hand, should have done that.

On a Different note, Mike has become like a man possessed with the buildings. he has made 5 or 6 old western style buildings, plus a Gallows. It is making our Games look Fantastic! I pitched In today building another one. The town looks amazing, I think a few more small bits here and there to give it more character would be awesome. Also a Sign, like at the entrance of the town with the name painted on it.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Madame Sybelle

Well here is Malifaux model #2 Madame Sybelle in all her ugo glory. She turned out way better than I thought she would while I was painting her. A most pleasant surprise.

Im not sure I'm happy with how my models are coming. they will be fine from 3 feet away but I almost feel like they should look better in some way.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Painting some Malifaux

Here is Seamus, Im not 100% sure i like the way he looks, but I doubt I'll change him at this point. I was going to go with a more complex base scheme, but glues him in and couldn't get him out with out bending his legs too much so i just went with Sand. Still using my crappy phone camera, i tried to use Ellen's camera but it wouldn't focus.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Malifaux Battle Report

In my most recent game against ryan, we both tried to play something outside the battle-box level for the first time. I actually took the time and effort to create a list, he did to a lesser extent.

List of the Good Guys
Seamus, Sybille, 2x Rotten bells, 2x Necro-Punks, 1 Convict Gunslinger, 6 Soul Stones

List of the Jerk Bags.. Err Guild
Lady Justice, 3x Death Marshals, The Judge, Scales of Justice, The Executioner, 6 Soul Stones

So we drew our random strategies, I got Assassinate and he got Treasure Hunt.

I started with my standard tactice for Seamus, pull on guy way out of position and shoot him in the face until he's really really dead. But I was out of range with Seamus and couldn't shoot him. We traded blows for the most part I killed a marshal he killed a bell. I shot the Judge full bore with the Convict and did horrible damage, even when I hit with the red joker he flipped a King to keep my damage small. His third turn is when things went really south for me. Lady Justice popped her all undead take 3 damage, dropping both punks to 1 wound. The executioner killed the Convict Gun Slinger, a Marshal and the judge finished off the Punks, and he killed my last bell. My respite came when Seamus and Sybelle killed the Executioner. Seamus also raised a corpse counter into a new bell. So it was Lady J at full, a Marshal at 4 wounds, and the Judge at 1. vs Sybelle at 4(soon to be 5) Seamus at full and a Bell at Full. Lady J charged into Seamus and we went to town on each other! Using every soul stone we had we went back and forth until in the End Seamus had 1 wound, thanks to Hard to Kill, and Lady J had 2. we each had 0 Soul Stoned. The last Marshal walked over to Seamus and took a swipe at him killing the big guy off. I swing full bore at Justice with my last bell and Sybelle but to no avail. On the Final turn with the last 4 models on the table in the center engaged in a huge melee he won Initiative and Justice went to work. She hacked the first bell in half in two swings but was stuck down by the Parasol as the Slow to Die hooker stayed around for one last swing. Sybelle then whipped the poor Marshal into the ground with her riding Crop and stood supreme.

It was a very hard fought game, Lady Justice is a pain in the ass when playing Undead. Seamus I think has enough tricks up his sleeve that he can stay around and hang with her for the most part. My biggest error this game was moving Seamus up too far too early. It locked him into Melee with the Judge very quickly and kept his .50 Flintlock out of the game. I did force Ryan to Discard 2 soul stone with a throat slit to lady J, that was pretty cool.

tonight my models arrive, So i will have to chose between assembly and priming them or playing NBA 2k10, which is frustrating me, but in a way that I feel like I have to keep playing so i can win. especially since my team is amazing.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Malifaux + a little FSA

I have taken the plunge into the world of Malifaux as i was fairly certain I would. The game is very rich in its fluff, strategies, and subtle nuances. I picked up Seamus the Mad-Hatter, the very model that interested me in this game in the first place, being a huge Alice in wonderland fan. His gang of undead hookers, which includes 3 bells and Madame Sybille, the character hooker. I ordered a box of the Necro punks, I just think they look cool, little half mechanical half undead constructs with wicked claws. The grave spirit, whose model i just don't much care for, but his rules are very solid and he's only 1 point. The Hanged, who i haven't tried yet but just came out this week, I hear they are a great addition to Seamus at higher points. And lastly the convict gun slinger. He is so very very cool, and provides me the range support i need for my army, mine will be painted to look undead... its not like Seamus is gonna pay the guy come on! They are on back-order so im not expecting them until the last week of Feb. Still im really excited.

Bonus F.S.A stuff. we have our campaign guides, thanks to mike who put a lot of effort into getting this off the ground. I will be representing the Collective's Fleet as we attempt to expand our power into the known galaxy while dealing with Pirates and those Rat bastard Dindrenzi.

Admiral Boreas of the Sorylian Collective has assembled his finest ships and crewed them with the strongest Marines and smartest Techs he could find. With the full armadas of the collective at his call he believes he is poised to return the Sorylians to glory.

Sorylian Armada
3x Sword-Breaker class Battle Ships
12x Sky-Hammer class Cruisers
16x Scythe Class Frigates
3x Morning-Star Class Carriers

Glory to Boreas and to the Warriors of Kerender!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Final FSA Paintings

Some pics of a single cruiser up close and the same of a frigate.

More Painted FSA

Carrier is now done!

The Frigates will be done tomorrow I think, the first 3 are drying right now, ill finish their tail fires tonight. That's almost it for FSA until I put in a second order.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Painting my FSA

I've been painting my Ships up for the upcoming campaign and figured i'd throw up the pics

Quick Edit: My Carrier is probably next then I will likely paint all 6 frigates in one go.

Cruisers & Battleship I also named the battleship

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I've been looking more and more into this one and felt compelled to write a bit about it. But first I have to say this, No matter who you are, where you go, or what you do in life for the love of GOD never NEVER drink two energy drinks back to back. If you do this kind of thing regularly already, then my god your body must be a total wreck. I got 2 Monster energy drinks today, thinking hey these are small i better get 2! Well im fairly sure at this point that they are small for a reason. I got about 3/4 done with my second one when it started to hit me. I'm jittery, I feel really disoriented, im totally hyper, my stomach hurts, and i've peed like 5 times in the past 4 hours. Never again, energy drinks on the whole might make it to the never again list at this point.

On to Malifaux. this bad boy is a skirmished based wild west, Victorian, magic fueled world with monsters and demons. Its in the steam punk genre, but is vastly different from warmachine. Its big claim is that instead of Dice you use a deck of playing cards. all standard 52 cards +2 jokers. the mechanic is easy enough. When I attack i flip a card, add its value to my attack. You do the same but add to your defense. if i win or tie i hit. Since 54 cards makes for a very random spread each player gets 6 cards per turn with which they can cheat, replacing their random card with one from their hand. There is also magic, but im still fuzzy on how that one works.

Each band, gang, whatever gets a leader plus a few henchmen. A standard game has between 5-9 models, from what i've seen only 1 leader ever gets above like 10 guys, and hes a minny master.

My big appeal so far is the Battle Fields you can play this game on. its a small skirmish game designed to be played on a small board filled with terrain. I'm envisioning like a train station, a mine shaft, or a city street, like where duels were fought back in the day, with alleys to hide in, or barrels to jump beind.

The Factions all seem very rich to me.
The Guild - These guys are the law in Malifaux. But the only reason they are the law is that they are the gang that was tough enough to take over. They are corrupt and think themselves infalable. They also rule with an iron fist, which is necessary since Malifaux is a very harsh world where if you stray from the rules you die. Like Pandora, except less pretty and the blue people aren't spiritual their blood sucking demons.

The Neverborn - These are the blood sucking demons. Malifaux is their home, and the humans are pissing them off. So they kill humans.

The Arcanists - This is like the labor union of Malifaux, they have tentative peace with the guild, but they aren't friendly. The labor stuff is a front for an underground crime syndicate who works the black market.

Resurrectionists - Necromancers, they don't work with any law or group, they just want to increase their own powers with new magic items and make more zombies.

Outcasts - These are Mercs, they work for money and sometimes just to survive.

Overall the game looks like it could be a lot fun, I'll have to test it out some to get a better feel for it. I'll post again after i get a game under my belt.