Monday, September 29, 2008

Week 5 Predictions

Kansas City @ Carolina - Chiefs won a game... they still suck
Chicago @ Detroit - Chicago is beating team they should lose to and losing to teams they should beat. Still Detroit Sucks
Atlanta @ Green Bay - Green Bay, unless Rodgers can't play, then Atlanta. No Rodgers, no packers
San Diego @ Miami - This should be a beating. Don't expect a ronny brown miracle here.
Seattle @ Ny Giants - Something has gone wrong in seattle, and it doesn't seem to be fixing itself
Washington @ Philadelphia - If the Skins can beat Dallas they can beat anyone. The Eagles will need this win if they want to stay up with the NFC East Powerhouses
Tennessee @ Baltimore - Damn the titans are good. no chance for the rookie quarterback against these pick happy Defensive Backs
Indianapolis @ Houston - A week of rest should revitalize this team
Tampa Bay @ Denver - Denver should be looking for revenge, though they need to sort out their defense now.
Buffalo @ Arizona - 5-0. doesn't seem possible but here they are finishing games. Trent Edwards was a great investment at QB
New England @ San Francisco - I have a feeling that the New England Defense is going to be trying to regain their composure but J.T O'Sullivan impressed me. He is indeed the next Todd Collins
Cincinnati @ Dallas - Cincinatti is bad. and Dallas will be angry after getting proper F***ed by the Redskins. this won't be close.
Pittsburgh @ Jacksonville - This game is going to be so good. smash-mouth football. Im picking Pittsburgh but if something happens to Big Ben tonight against the tough Baltimore Defense then ill be changing to Jacksonville.
Minnesota @ New Orleans - The saints will win in the passing game. The vikings will fall to 0-5. Not a good start for a "play-off" team.

Week 4

I've probably said it a hundred times and written it a hundred more but here is one hundred-one HOW BOUT THEM REDSKINS!

The redskins once again set out to prove they're not a fluke and that they deserve the be counted among the best in the NFL. They dominated the cowboys on all sides of the ball. On defense T.O had a mediocre day and was frustrated by how well the redskins corners defended him. Marion Barber had 26 yards. Felix Jones never even saw the ball on offense. Granted Patrick Crayton and Jason Witten looked unstopable, but the defense stepped up big and put this high powered offense down. On special teams the skins made sure the returning pair of Jones and Jones saw very little daylight and kept the cowboys from getting great field position. Offense once again proved its ability to make plays. 4 weeks in with out an offensive turnover is pretty good in my eyes. Jason Campbell once again flaunting his continued improvement. 20/31 for 2 TD's. Portis had another solid day running for 121 yards. The biggest disapointment was that the Cowboys made Cooley a non-factor. But with one of the stars taken away the redskins turned to their deep threat in Santana Moss who had a great day with 145 yards recieving. The dark spot in the sweetest of sweet victories was the penalties by Casey Rabach. A 12 year veteran should not make the mistakes that he was making in this game. Both Portis and Randal El fought their guts out to get into the end zone only have to play called back for a pair of penalties that had no impact on the play. He needs to shape up and keep his eyes on the action better.

Outside the game the Redskins are starting to look like a playoff team.
Jason Campbell is the 4th rated QB in the NFL
Clinton Portis is 4th in rushing yards
Santana Moss is 2nd in Recieving yards
London Fletcher is 2nd in Tackles
Chris Horton is tied for 2nd in Interceptions
The redskins have the leagues best give/take ratio
A top 10 Offense

Karma States that the Redskins will win the Super Bowl this year... i concur!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

NFC East / Picks + Fantasy

There can no longer be any doubt in anyone's mind as to which is the toughest division in Football. The NFC east is dominant. The only losses are division games. The Steelers, Browns, Bengals, Saints, Cardinals, Packers. Every one of these teams has some hope of a playoff appearance, though the browns and bengals should not get their hopes up too high, has faced and been beaten by teams from the East. The Eagles played serious defense and completely shut the Steelers down, sacking Big Ben 7 times. As much as i hate them the Cowboys are scoring at will against any team. The Packers will need to make some serious adjustments if they hope to get past the boys in the playoffs. The Saints and the Cardinals have very high powered offenses and both teams were cut down by the Skins, widely considered the worst in the division. The Giants have not had a true test yet. They got lucky pulling the Skins early before the offense had a chance to establish itself and their next meeting will be very different. Going into next week i fully belive the Eagles will beat the Bears and keep the trend alive.

Cleveland @ Cincinatti - Lots of Offense no Defense. Brady Quinn will play Browns will Win
Minessota @ Tenesse - Defense and Running the ball. Ditka would be proud - Tenessee
Denver @ Kansas City - High powered offense vs high powered sucking - Denver
San Fransico @ New Orleans - This should be the closest game. J.T O'Sullivan is a huge surprise and injuries plague the Saints. I don't think half a saints team is good enough - San Fransisco
Arizona @ New York Jets - Should be a great game, both teams will need this win - Arizona
Green Bay @ Tampa Bay - Green Bay is probably angry about being beaten at home so badlys - Green Bay
Atlanta @ Carolina - I have to go with the proven team in my eyes - Carolina
Houston @ Jacksonville - no contests they Jaguars are hungry and angry - Jacksonville
San Diego @ Oakland - This will be VERY one-sided - San Diego
Buffalo @ St. Louis - St. Louis sucks as much as the Chiefs - Buffalo
Washington @ Dallas - I hate picking against the redskins but its the smart choice. Dallas has one of the best offenses and a great Defense - Washington (Thats right bitches!)
Philadelphia @ Chicago - Philly dominated Pittsburgh, Chicago has no chance - Philadelphia
Baltimore @ Pittsburgh - Big Ben will be looking for vindication after getting sacked so damn much and the rookie Flacco will get pressure like he's never seen before - Pittsburgh

Fantasy - I finally win a game! Now i just have to hope Shockey comes back soon and Westbrook isn's seriously hurt.

Week 3

Another home game another home win. The Redskins move into positive territory now 2-1. Jason Campbell seems to be developing under Jim Zorn into a game winning quarterback instead of a sustaining quarterback. 193 yards 2 Td's no picks. The whole team really came up big against a high powered Arizona offense. Solid D posting a +2 Turn over margin as well as holding the Cardinals to 17 points. The ground game under preformed but still managed over 100 yards coming from several players. Moss was brilliant again as was Cooley. Nice to see Yoder get a Touchdown catch. I'm noticing the better the Skins do the less i have to say. So call this is a short post by a very happy fan.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Week 2

Setbacks and bad kicking abound but ill be damned we're 1-1. First let me say watching the game from the Fed-Ex Field dream seats made this game even better. I was about 20 feet from the saint's bench and i damn near lost my voice screaming at Drew Brees. On to the game.

Jason Campbell threw for 321 yards. Ports rushed for 90 some yards and defense had three turn overs. The down side was the first half. 2 missed field goals and 5 drives that stalled out in opposing territory. The redskins really did dominate this game. No matter what people say they Redskins out played the saints. More first downs, more yards, +3 turnover margin, less penalties. Outside of the Reggie Bush punt return the defense wouldn't let the saints move the ball. holding a high powered offense to 17 points is a very strong showing. The defensive line got to Brees twice. Jason Taylor picked up his first sack with the skins. Chris Horton picked 2 passes and picked up the Jeremy Shockey fumble. On offense Jason Campbell was a stud no turnovers yet and a beauty of a 67 yard TD pass. Portis was great again he didn't get over 100 yards but he got 2 rushing TD's and is on pace for a great year. Cooley got involved in a big way which was refreshing considering he had 7 yards last week. And Moss proved why he is a play maker and the best reciever on the team bringing in 134 yards. The team really clicked and had it not been for poor special teams (Kick Return Team aside) this game wouldn't have been close. Well Done and go Skins!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Week 1

I can see how a lot of people would be discouraged by opening week for the skins but there is a lot of untapped potential in this team. The defense may have looked a little too loose in the first half but each time the giant drove the ball they got less and less. Holding them to 16 points was pretty damn good. Now there is room for improvement on defense. Holding on to interceptions would have changed this game entirely. I think i saw the redskins secondary drop four interceptions. Now that could have meant the difference between a win and loss but the defense played a very tough game sacked Manning twice and created a turnover so the real issue here is the offense. The O line that three years ago pushed defenses around and carried the redskins to the playoffs and into the second round seems a distant memory. Instead we seem too slow or too weak to stop a pass rush and unable to keep defensive penetration from stopping our backs at line. Portis was good as he always is, but his blocking seemed to prevent him from getting the 100 yard games he normally picks up. I noticed a distinct lack of passes thrown to Chris Cooley. Either Zorn needs to change his game plan to fit him in or Campbell needs to look for him more. Cooley made the pro bowl for a reason and he has lead the redskins in recieving the last two years. He's an impact player, but he needs the ball to make an impact. Recievers did pretty well. Not sure why Randle El got called for two false starts but they were running solid routes and not dropping balls. Jason Campbell played a poor game. Simple as that. He held on to the ball, locked into recievers, threw away on third down to a reciever behind the first down marker. He did throw a few passes that if they had been a foot to the left or right would have been huge gains or even points. He stayed calm in the pocket and let his blockers protect him. He played very well for his first game in the new system. He had a bad game but im not going to cast him out yet. He showed me a lot of potential and the ability to make plays. Next step is execution. He can be a great quarterback but he needs to run more off instinct. As for Zorn his play calling annoyed me greatly. Some of his play calling showed he had very little faith in Campbell. And the lack of 4th quarter urgency almost had me pulling my hair out. But overal the game showed the potential of this team and left them with a clear picture of what to work on. Next week New Orleans and the home opener. 1-1 here we come!

Friday, September 5, 2008


I don't blog much but today i need to write something.

I hate mosquito bites! I have like 20 on my left foot. not even the entire leg just on the top and side of the damn foot. And oh god it itches and i need to put something on it and its so annoying and so scary and he doesn't wear a shirt.

Anyways also its like 8 am and i don't feel great. so i think im gonna be very sluggish for a while today but i gotta go in for my last day of work. honestly im half tempted to just say fuck it and skip the shit. what are they gonna do fire me? But i wouldn't do that, they need us to help clean up and that would be a real dick move on my part. So i'm getting dressed trying to ignore the itching on my foot.... It's not easy