Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Week 5

Well if there had been any doubt that the redskins are a legit contender erase it from thy brain instantly. The road to the playoffs has gotten much smoother now that all the divisional road games are done. And with a sexy 2-1 record to boot. So as for this week what did i learn?

Jason Campbell can get better every week. When the eagles were breathing down his neck he calmly released the ball and hit his targets. He never forced the ball and didn't make a single bad decision with his passes. He may have posted a low 73.3 passer rating but he has yet to commit a turn over this year and that can be enough when the team plays the way it has been. Clinton Portis is the heart of this offense. He can run on any defense and keep any offense off the field. The eagles boast that no theam can run on them. Well no team except the Washington Redskins that is. Portis carried the ball 29 times for 145 yards. Against a team who allowed roughly 60 yards a game portis took the game in his hands and turned a 14-0 cluster-fuck into a complete domination of a football team. The eagles could do nothing to even slow the redskins down after the first quarter. They moved the ball at will and just ignored the complex blitzes of the eagles. Randel El got to show off his arm and give Cooley his first TD of the year. the Defense let the eagels drive twice the entire game. After the first drive it looked like the Defense was in for a long day with westbrook able to move the ball as he pleased making tacklers look foolish for even trying to catch him. But the Skins settled down on all sides of the ball and just started to produce. Even though they were held to field goals on their first three drives (excluding the drives that were all incomplete passes and 3 and outs) the team just took the points and went back to work. I could continue to stroke my Redskins Ego with this post but ill cut it short, lets just say that 7-1 is just the beginning. If the redskins can handel philly in philly and dallas in dallas why not pitt in washington?

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