Friday, January 6, 2012


She is painted and awesome! I actually used color blending and highlighting for the first time. CHeck her out and tell me what you think... now if only I could paint Eyes that dont look like crap.


James Convy said...

Looks good. You are right about the eyes. She looks anime-ish. I would paint the goggles a brass color to add some focus to the face. It blends into the hair (which I live the one swash of color different from the rest).

The blue looks good, and it maybe the picture, but I would go deeper in the shadows and one more highlight up. One of the things the guys at the Crystal Brush told me is that I need to exaggerate the colors to offset that the mini is really small.

Dan said...

So a Quick update. Kaeris has been modified about 15 times since this "Final" pic was posted. I may remember to snap another shot of her, but no promises.

Unknown said...

There's a real trick to eyes, once you've learned it they become relatively easy.

Steps I take:
1. Basecoat flesh.
2. Paint dark brown (GW Scorched) in the eyesocket recess, doesn't matter about a little overspill at this point you can tidy it up.
3. Paint the white of the eye over the brown leaving a brown line all round the outside. It'll look a bit like eyeliner but just a thin line is needed.
4. Spot the pupil this should cover the entire white from top to bottom, leaving white above or below just makes they eye look surprised.
5. tidy up the rest of the face flesh tone and paint as ususal.