Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Blood Bowl and a bit of game withdrawl

Im a big fan of Blood Bowl, have been since I first tried it a few years back. The problem I always run into is that its tough to keep a league afloat. But last week I got a buddy of mine to try and drum up some interest in his area, I did the same for the Huzzah guys and it seems like we have about 8-10 people ready to play. So lets hope this one lasts. I've made 2 teams, a Norse Team which is my standard guys. I find them a lot of fun. They can dish out an awesome beating and pretty much any team that faces them will get some points since they are all low armor. My other team is a Human team which I have never played before, but Im excited for.

Since Gen Con I haven't really been the same on mini games. Not blaming Gen Con or anything really, I think Im just in a down spot on malifaux and warmachine at the moment. But the past few weeks I've been out of commision on game nights. Im not really sure why it is, but I just feel a bit burned out. Its also why I haven't written anything up here in the last month. Board games still hold their fun, I just picked up Ascension and that game has been a blast. But Minis games aren't doing it so much lately.

On a completely different note RG3 continues to be a BEAST!!! he is fun as hell to watch and single handedly makes the Redskins entertaining.

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HuronBH said...

I feel you on the Gaming width drawl. I haven't been all that excite about mini gaming the last several weeks. Maybe it just the natural cycle of things for me as I have been focusing more on Computer gaming (Borderlands 2 and Eve) and Magic recently.

Things will change I am sure, keep at it and do what makes you happy.