Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wild West Exodus

In case you haven't had a chance to take a look its up on Kick-Starter now - WWX Kick Starter

So this has piqued my interest quite a bit. To the point where I've pledged already.

The only problem is, Im' a bit torn on the Factions. Going to walk through a break down of the 2 I like. Warrior Nation and Outlaws.

Bosses - Slight edge Outlaws Shapeshifter and gunslingers are likely my two favorite ideas for this game. But Dudes firing off colt 6 shooters is just too friggin cool

Under Bosses - Might be a tie. I like the Eagle dude best and the Guy on the Cannon horse the least.

Side Kicks - Edge Outlaws. I like Apache kid the best. But hes an outlaw. Im not sure how I feel about the new WN guys. they each appear to be 2 models.

Hired Hands - Tomahawks vs Pistols... on the one hand tomahawks... on the other pisols... Edge Outlaws. Not enough Tomahawks in the Warrior nation group

Heavy Weapons - Edge Outlaws. I like the Sniper looking rifle over the Gatling Gun, and the Shotguns are a wash

Light Support - Big time edge Warrior Nation. Those Horses look awesome. Easily my #1 Cav

Heavy Support - Again a nice edge to the Warrior Nation. That Elk looks pretty badass to me. Much more so then the hillybilly wagon of the Outlaws.

I think it breaks down like this. Small dudes favor the Outlaws. Large dudes favor the Warrior Nation. Outlaws got more head to head wins I think though.

** There should totally be a few wwx pictures in this blog, but blogger doesn't agree and won't add it**

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HuronBH said...

The game looks interesting, but the miniatures look terrible. About equal to the plastic technology and sculpting of the late 90s. If the models were any better I would be right there with you on this game.