Friday, June 22, 2012

The Nicodem Tactica part 2

How I handle each strategy with Nicodem.

1 - A line in the Sand - This is a little tricky, but not impossible. I like Necro Punks for this mission personally. You grab the frings markers and then use your rolling crew to work up and hold on to the middle 3. I would also use Riggor on anyone who gets next to a marker.

2 - Claim Jump - This is a solid one for Nicodem to work on. Move up towards it, kill anything in your way, and summon heavy hitters onto it as soon as you get to it. Then Riggor away any enemies who try to hit back.

3 - Contain Power - I dont care for this mission as a resser player. It lends itself to using McMourning. Nico can do it. its just not easy. Decay is your only damage dealing ability, his cane does not count. Soften the enemy up with summoned Punk Zombies, and try to use Riggor Mortis to work through their stones, most people will always burn a stone to not be paralyzed. Once they are low on stones start the Decays up if they are low, channel one to get to that 5 damage spot.

4 - Deliver a Message - There is a fun trick to this one I learned. If you are close to the enemy and holding a Joker, summon a Flesh Construct right on top of them. Then Ditch the Joker to Dumb which will cause fast to cancel out slow. take the 2 AP and deliver. If you want more reliable methods Use 2-3 Necro Punks and be ready to resummon them.

5 - Destroy the Evidence - This is an easy one actually. Have Nico roll forward with his crew as usual. Then use Summons to place models directly on the Evidence tokens and use pop them. Necro Punks also work great for this mission.

6 - Distract - Riggor the Enemy master into oblivion. They can't more if they are paralyzed the whole game. Also you could kill them. Bolster makes most Resser minions a threat to masters. especially a guy like the Dead Rider.

7 - Escape and Survive - I hate this fucking mission. a lot. Use the Avatar here and chain summon zombies so you have as many or more minions then you started with by popping out a ton of mindless zombies.

8 - Plant Evidence - Copy paste Destroy, its the same thing, just easier.

9 - Reconoiter - This is an easy on for Nico, I would definetly attach the Avatar here. And make a ton of models, then kill your enemy and on turn 6 have them all scatter.

10 - Slaughter - I love Nico for Slaughter. there is a trick. DON'T SUMMON. He can still control a board with decay and riggor. Now I do summon models with Nicodem, but I'm the best with him ever, and it is a bit tricky to pick your spots. If your comfortable or need a gamble then summon something, but really its not usually a good plan. This is also the only mission where I might auto leave out the avatar.

11 - Supply Wagon - Easy as pie, have Nico himself escort the wagon. Pop up a few zombies and just try not to get in its way too much. Summon as much as you want and Riggor any threats.

12 - Treasure Hunt - Roll foward and then backwards. Its a pretty easy mission for a slow crew, since your opponent can't touch the treasure until you do.

13 - Turf War - Keep your crew moving, and use the Avatar. Once you get on their half, summon as many Punk Zombies as you can. to try and keep you numbers up.

So the big thing here is these are pretty general ideas. Most plans die the second I engage. But keeping the big picture in mind with Nicodem is huge.

Schemes are too hard to explain since they have way too many variables. I do tend to use Stake a Claim, Breakthrough, Kill protege, and Body Guard.


Puke said...

if you have any strat suggestions against particular factions i would love to hear them. the guild in particular have been a thorn in my side as a nico / rezzer player. yesterday i went up against lady j, executioner and the exorcist. it wasn't pretty.

Dan said...

Vs Lady J I like 2 things. The Dead Rider and Riggor Mortis. Lady J has a lower WP then Nico's Cast so Riggor can keep her off your back. As for the Executioner the Dead rider at Reach 3" can take them down with no attack back from STD. The Exorcist has been a thorn in my side as well, let me crush one tonight in a game and I'll get back to you =)