Tuesday, July 3, 2012

At Half Time

Moving into July means the year is half over (wow really?) and I decided to check back in on my New Years Resolutions and Overal Malifaux record for the year. Lets start with the resolutions.

#1 Don't buy Minis for a game I do not already own.
FAILURE!!!! I bought into Dust Warefare. No regrets yet, its a fun as hell game. But I am off to a bad start.

#2 Dont buy any out of faction malifaux crews.
SUCCESS!!! For the moment anyways. the release of a 10 Thunders faction may draw me in. Gotta see what they are all about. Gen Con might be very Expensive.

#3 Read more
Im gonna call this a Success so far this year I have 15 books. Thats a big improvement over past years. But I'm gonna say if I don't read anymore by December then I failed to really follow through

#4 Get Into Grad School
Im not gonna get into specifics but, I decided not to apply.

OK MALIFAUX At the Half! (Be Warned I do love myself, and will pat me on the back a lot here)

Overall Record for 2012 - 26/9/2 I am really pleased with this number my personal goal was to win 60% of the games I play, so far Im ahead of that at 70%

Faction Break Down
Resserectionists - 15/4/0 (.789)
Outcasts - 7/2/0 (.777)
Archanists - 2/2/2 (.500)
Neverborn - 2/0/0 (1.000)
Guild - 0/1/0 (.000)

My top 2 masters - Seamus 6-1 Vickis 6-1 (this surprised me honestly)

Also I am 1-0 with Molly (this surprises everyone)

Finally my eternal struggle to be better then Mike over at White Rabbit's Blog. I'm starting Small and just trying to go .500 in my games against him this year. To this point its not going great. I am 3/6/2. But I have 6 months left to bring that back up, I'm gonna need a win streak!

So there you have it, Im awesome at Malifaux, but only mediocre with Archanists.


Nobzey said...

Congrats on beating your goals!

Nobzey said...
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wrabbit37 said...

Sorry bub, but you're not going to reach .500 by the end of the year. You'll be lucky to stick around .333.