Thursday, July 12, 2012

Zombie Chihuahua

I wanted to share my tactics with the little guy since I think most people just view him as a cheaper Canine Remains.

First off He is a cheap corpse, but I would recomend not using him as such if you can help it. He has better things he can do.

Turn 1 cast wracked with pain. Most people know this one. It drops a dog to 1 wd left and grabs a body part. Its basically the same as McM doing it, but doesn't cost his AP.

After Turn 1. This is where the Zombie Chihuahua gets to have some fun. He has a spell that is just fantastic. magical extension. I know every totem gets it, he just does better stuff with it then most. Wracked with pain casts for him on a 9+ it does 2 wds outright, with a ridiculous range of like 12". Very nice spell to have. Plus you can boost it with stones if need be. And everytime he does it he grabs a body part counter.

But far and away his absolute best cast is Dissection. This is tricky, but can basically outright kill any Minion. First it has to be channeled, the Zombie Chihuahua only has a cast of 3, so its a tough bet that you will get a cheatable flip with out the channel. So to set this up leave him until your last activation for the turn and then run him up near his target. The following turn have him start things off. Burn a stone to put the resist out of reach (Cast 3, a double digit card, and a stone should hit any minion in the game.) Once you hit lay down the Severe and watch your foe die.

I often tell people when they ask how to counter McMourning that the Zombie Chihuahua should be an considered an equal threat to their crew as McMourning himself. And MUCH easier to kill off.

So thats pretty much it. Focus Dissection or cast Wracked with pain. My Zombie Chihuahua has wracked up some impressive kills over the games. Lillith, Executioner, and Von Schill, name a few. And some of them could even use stones.

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