Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Eulogy of Kyle Carver

I'll clear this up now, Kyle was my RP character in a Scion campaign that we finished up last night. He easily makes it onto this list of my favorite RP characters.

Kyle was the Scion of Dionysis and was an iresponsible party boy. Of all the members of his Scion band it took him the longest to come to grips with what he was, The Child of a God, but once he accepted this truth he held on to firmly and fought for it with his life. Though he and his companions ended thier trials at odds with each other. When the time came to step up and save the world they all banded together. Kyle never expected to be elevated to the status of Godhood and never would have dreamed of trying to stand up to a being like Chronos 1 on 1, but he did for his friends, his Son, and the entire world. His divine life ended as abruplty as it started. He is survived by his Son who shares a small portion of his divine blood. Rest in Peace Kyle. I'll miss you.

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