Friday, December 7, 2012

I think I hate Wyrd

Strong statement sure, but I can back it up. Take a journey with me.

Wyrd is a very transparent company. It’s a nice chance of pace from Games Workshop who would prefer no one know anything about their products until a month after they release then to know something a day early. Wyrd is willing to talk to us, admit to mistakes, and clear up why things happen the way they do. That right there is a check in positives for Wyrd.

BUT one of the reasons Wyrd needs to be so transparent is that they are far too ambitious for their own good. Wyrd wants everything to rock all the time. And then when they get a new idea their like the 16 year old Cheerleader who just learned her best friend a whore. They have to tell EVERYONE! Maybe it’s not a great move to go around and tell everyone that Becky slept with half the basketball team. Maybe there will be consequences to this action. But screw that lets tell everyone that conservatively 75% of book 4 will be available at Gen Con... Whoops. Turns out Becky is pissed. (I'll stop crossing metaphor and reality now)

So Wyrd shows up to Gen Con, not with a BANG and all the impressive new plastics that they promised us. But instead with a couple choice picked box sets. BUT FEAR NOT CON GOER! We will have your Rail Crew in by Saturday! They told me this, to my face. Saturday come back and all with be right with the Wyrd world. Saturday came, and did I get a shiny new busty Asian dragon lady leaping off a bunch of broken rubble? Nope, I got a free shipping coupon. Gen Con = HUGE let down.

Now there are those in my group who said Wyrd's only fault was promising the Sun, Moon, Stars, Cupcakes, and big chested loose moral lasses to all, and only showing up with Cupcakes. I mean who doesn't like cupcakes. Why can't you be satisfied with your god damn cupcakes! It’s not a bad point. I can tell you why I wasn't satisfied. The Cupcake or in this case Rail Golem, was great. I was very happy to assemble the Rail Golem in my hotel room. But what I really wanted when I went to Gen Con was my Big Chested loose moral Lass. (The metaphors apparently won't be stopping) I mean how much better would that cupcake have been had I been able to smear the delicious frosting on the... never mind. I hope you get my point, let’s move on.

Ok so we are mad about Gen Con. But in the end it’s a forgivable offense. They botched a release, that’s ok they are a fairly new company. But there is something that’s been in the back of my mind for a while. And two things they've done in the past 2 weeks have really shoved it right in my face. Wyrd doesn't give a shit about Local Game Stores. They say they do, but actions speak far louder than words.

#1 Kick Starter. This began in the summer with Evil Baby orphanage which I had forgotten about until pretty much now. A chance for the people to back a successful company's chance to take a risk. This was odd to me but back then I was willing to lick up anything Wyrd shat out, so I dropped some cash on it and moved on. Now they are running the RPG kick starter. Which again I backed because I’m retarded.

I don't really care that Wyrd wants to use Kickstarter to crowd source money instead of risking their own capital. Good for them that they found investors. And it’s not like we aren't getting anything out of it. But again this is money that’s being taken away from my LGS and given straight to Wyrd. Am I to blame for this? Hell Yeah, but I’m a gamer and that makes me weak willed and flighty.

#2 is the Wyrd birthday sale. Again No chance for retailers to get in on this. If you want to Play Yan Lo (which I do really freakin badly) before god damn February, you need to buy him straight from us. Suck it LGS’ we say we love you, but don't give a crap about.

I’m running out of steam and awesome metaphors, better wrap this up.

So am I a hypocrite? Yes. Did I buy Yan Lo direct from Wyrd? Absolutely, I’m not waiting until god damn February. Am I still angry with them? Maybe, this rant has helped. I think at the end of the day, I don't hate Wyrd. I hate that I love Wyrd.


Snal_forja2 said...

Good post. I think crowfunding is doing so much damage to the local store. It has been transformed into a cheap webstore.
I love the new plastic miniatures, but I don't have bought any box. I am waiting that my local store receive it. I can wait.

HuronBH said...

Fuck your right, I don't need the RPG early. Heck I probably don't need it at all.

Unknown said...

I looked at the Kickstarters and decided neither of them were things I cared about in the least, so my money stayed well clear of them.

The birthday sale was a bit more tricky, Swag a couple of months early is cool, but then I thought long and hard about those couple of months. What am I likely to be doing in Dec-Feb. Well Dec is out for Christmas etc, Jan I'll be continuing to clear a load of figure backlog which I've gotten anyway and Feb I can get it in the stores that month anyway.

So you know what 2 months early means jack all to me and I'm not prepared to throw my money at Wyrd for the priviledge. From gencon I bought 3 models - 2 beckoners and Lazarus. Lazarus is still unbuilt, so do I need anything early? Clearly not.

Unless it's limited edition there's absolutely no way I'm splashing out for it.

njakos (yetischool) said...

I completely with your post in just about every way.

You did leave out two problems Wyrd is creating that have earned, maybe not disdain, but certainly concern.

1) Puppet Wars. A decent board game with great minis, terrible packaging, a high price tag and no support. I know they are (supposedly) relaunching the game, but there has been almost no information about it and it leaves early adopters completely in the lurch.

2) The biggest issue I have had with Wyrd is this whole 'limited edition' model thing. From Gencon 2011 to 2012, including Malifaux and Pwars, there have been more than a dozen limited edition models. One or two or three limited ed models are fine, but more than a dozen is completely ridiculous and kinda money-grubbing to me.

Spifferson said...

I think your blowing everything out of proportion.

1- Supporting the RPG kickstarter infuses the project with cash enabling wyrd to create a better product.

2- Buying the crews from the birthday sale. Well if they sit unused untill they are available dwn at the store is an asshole move. But if you go out and play some games with them, show the new plastics off, you know do some good ol free promotion for wyrd. I don't see what the problem would be.