Thursday, December 27, 2012

Resolutions Revisited

With the year coming to an end I had 4 resolutions that I made for myself at the start of the year. Lets take a look

#1 Don't buy Minis for a game I do not already own
I failed this one thanks to the Cool Mini or Not kickstarter for Relic Knights. I'm ok with it, its was totally awesome.

#2 Dont buy any out of faction malifaux crews.
Im gonna take this one. I did not "buy" any out of faction crews. I did recieve one, but it cost me $0

#3 Read more
This was going very smoothly for about 3 months when I read like a dozen books. But since then I haven't read much of anything. Still its more then I read the past year.

#4 Get into Grad School
I actually assessed this decision over the past year and decided against it. So its a failure, but Im not upset by this.

So I went 2-2. I'll count that as a decent year.

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