Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Moving... Kind of

Im moving a portion of my blog. Not all of it. I will still update here too. Likely with my same infrequent schedule.

But to see the new stuff as well as hear my sultry voice again on podcasts, head on over to

Mike and I are back in Podcast Form, this time bringing Skilless Brian with us, our new cast: Gaming Done Right is going to do 1 hour shows that release every two weeks. And since I know its hard to go that long between episodes, our Little Sister show, A Crit of Gamers (also being hosted on Guessing Zero) Will also be a 1 hour show releasing the weeks that we do not. So that is an hour of gamer nonsene talk every week. Can't beat it!

To this point I have been mostly reviewing games on Guessing Zero. So if you want to check out my board game reviews, here is the direct link - game-reviews

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