Wednesday, August 8, 2012

25 Stone Tuesday Tussle 8/7

So I lied, the next update is before Gen Con. Bill ran a 3 round 25 stone tournament last night, ended up with a great showing with 12 people there. I of course took Ressers.

Round 1 vs Bo and his evil Vicks.
I have played Bo 2 times before both with Marcus, thing did not go well for me in those games. This time I had a better Master with me though and Nicodem came to play. We had Shared Supply Wagon, I called Grudge on a Ronin who I dubbed; "Stabby Pony Tail Ho" and Hold Out, since I figured he'd be forced to protect his wagon he would have trouble coming to my Deployment Zone. The game went fairly quick, we finished in about 45 mins. Highlights - Sword Vicki destroyed the dead rider, who only made 1 attack that game. Unfortunatly (for not me) the Vicks were then in range of Nico who kept them paralyzed for the remainder of the game. The Grave spirit and Nico then then took turns bouncing Decay's off the Vicks (unreal how well that little guy can cast spells sometimes) Eventually the Vicks Fell, I killed my Grudged Ronin with a Slow to Die attack from my Crookedman. Both our Wagons made it into the center untouched and the game ended. I got 2 for Grude, 2 for Hold Out, and 3 for Supply Wagon. He got 3 for Supply Wagon, 0 for Thwart (ballsy call) and 0 for Stake a Claim... This one was rough, he just forgot to put the Convict on the Terrain, and I forgot it was a scheme for him, should have been 7-5, but it ended 7-3

Game 2 vs Dave and Zorida
We got Shared Deliver a Message, which made me cringe. I took Seamus with Sybelle and some Belles. The game featured a ton of killing and a large play mistake by me. On turn 4 I had Sybelle and Belle ready to deliver the Message but wasn't paying attention to that, I instead used Seamus to try and Kill Tuco, forgetting that he had Slow to Die and botching the turn. He then delivered the message right there. I did manage to wipe almost his entire crew, of Lilitu, Lelu, and Tuco. We both ended up grabbing both our schemes, I had Kill Protege Lelu and Stake a Claim, he had Stake a Claim and Kidnap. I ended up losing 8-6.

Game 3 vs Hugh and Kirai
We flipped Shared Plant the Evidence. I called Breakthrough and Eye for Eye. He called Grudge and Assassinate. I decided Nicodem could handle Kirai and took the old guy. I ended up with a clear line to Kirai on turn 2 and had both Crookedmen and Nico start blasting them. On turn 3 I had killed the Seishin and Lost love and had Kirai down to 3 wounds. She booked it away from them but landed near my night terrors who then finished her off. It was kind of amazing. From htere I just started to clean up his crew. The problem then became Eye for Eye. I ended up with 2 models left after forcing most of my crew to kill each other, but it was too many and I ended up winning 6-2.

So I ended up with 6 tournament points, a differential of +6, and 19 total VPS. That was good enough for 3rd, and very close to 2nd (Second place when 2-0-1 so he had 7 tournament points) It was a good time, im looking forward to the next one.

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