Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gen Con 2012

Im back from Gen Con safe and poor. I have pics of all the games and stuff I picked up, but those are on my camera and that is not with me. So Gen Con: The Photos, will be a later post. Lets get started

Wednesday: 5am I got my car packed up with Ellen and Rockett and drove it over to Mike's place. By 6am we were on the road. 10+ hours later we rolled into Indiapolis. Wednesday was decent. We played a few board games, had a light dinner and called in an early night.

Thursday: 10am the doors to the Con Hall open and I literally ran to Wyrd. I was really disapointed to find out Mei Feng's box set would not be there until Saturday. But shrugged, grabbed the book, Rail Golem, Metal Gamin, and Willie. Then we proceeded to hit a bunch of nearby booths, like Battle Foam, Flying Frog, and then looked at PP but saw the line was likely around 498 hours long and stretched all the way to Ohio. We ran around picking things up, I spent nearly 50% of my weekend budget in like 2 hours Thursday. It started to Pour so we met up with my Brother and ordered Pizza. I got sick so, we went back to room and played Last Night on earth. I passed out early.

Friday: I awoke feeling 100% better. Apparently I moaned in pain in my sleep, must have been me fighing my stomach bug! We hit the con floor for a bit then went off to try the IKRPG. We got in early sat down at the table and our Demo was being run by, Doug Seacat. No joke, it was awesome. I played the Arcane Mechanic who had a trusty Steajack, since we were an odd number of people Mike took over running my Jack. Ellen was the Magic Investigator, kind of like a Harry Dresden almost. Laura was an Alchemist Thief, and Chris was a Big ass soldier Troll. We ran through the adventure and I think everyone one of us loved the system. My biggest gripe of the entire weekend is that they only had like 300 books, and those were gone in like an hour. I plan to buy it as soon as it releases. Later Mike got a Copy of Level 7 and I got Smaash up (Smash up deserves its own blog post). We then met up for our True Dungeon. I've done True Dungeon before. Its fun, but very over-priced. We ran through the dungeon and with the exception of an annoying girl who was with us for half the dungeon until her parents came and yelled at her for something which made her leave and the rest of us cheer, It was a blast. Just not a $38 blast. It was more like a $20 blast. I ran the druid and did way better then I thought with my Druid Spells, getting 7/8 leaves correct to cast my spells. After that it was Dinner and Level 7. That game is kind of freaky.

Saturday: We awoke really damn early to go to the "Hickman's Killer Breakfast" That was a waste of $10. Mike could not hear anything and left after like 40 mins, and the rest of us felt the jokes got old and the entire thing just kinda ran too long so we left too. At noon we went on an awesome Brewery Tour around Indy. We hit 4 breweries and got rather drunk. The bus dropped us back off around 4pm, and we hit the hall for before Dinner so Mike could get Mage Wars and I could get Mei Feng... Except Mei Feng never came. Wyrd pretty well F***ed up their Gen Con this year. I vented a lot on this already and am over it. But this was a prety big botch in my eyes. After Dinner Ellen got Sick, (I swear it was someone almost every night, Mike had migranes and vertigo wednesday) But she felt better in like 2 hours so we made it back to the Hall and Played Flash Point. An AMAZING (Check that out ok, amazing in all caps. this game will blow your god damn mind and then give you cookies!) game where you play firemen trying to save people in a burning building. Its 100% co-op and about 314159265359x better then it sounds. I know right now you're thinking, firemen... really dude? I know this becasue I did the same thing. But then you play it and the game just rocks! This was the #1 surprise Gem of Gen Con. (Smash up is #2, but that game sells it self) So we put out fires until we felt like we might pass out.

Sunday: We hit the hall one last time, I thought I might make it home with some cash, but blew all I had left Sunday on Dice, Warmachine, and a few odds and ends. We rolled out around noon, stopped a lot on the way home to break up the trip. We got back to Mikes around Midnight, I dropped Ryan off around 12:40, and got home a bit after 1am.

This Gen Con rocked!!! A few mis-steps in events we did/didn't do. Should not have done killer breakfast, should have done MEGA robo-rally. (I have pics, words, can't do it justice) But this was an awesome trip overall.

Pics will come later.

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