Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blunders in Malifaux

I don't want to pin this squarely on Marcus, at some level I have to just not understand him. But I am pretty good with most other masters I play and while I really want to be good with Marcus he just doesn't click for me. So im 7 games into my Marcus foray and in those games I have lost 4, tied 1, and won 2. Not great by my usual standards. Now the upside is Im having a good time regardless. I would like to see Marcus live longer as he is fun to play with, but as I've seen even 8 soul stones can't keep him upright long term.

So with Gen Con around the Corner Marcus will be given a breather. the Next time he hits the table will likely be when I get around to painting his alt sculpt up. I really like that model.

So I am taking Ressers with me to Gen Con. In my C4, my new bag of fun wonders I have managed to fit 2 full crews. One for Seamus and one for Nicodem. I went ahead and spent the extra dough for a custom cut tray, here is what I will be bringing to Gen Con.

Nicodem + Avatar
Seamus + Avatar
Dead Rider
Grave Spirit
Bette Noir
the Hanged
6x Mindless Zombies
4x Night Terrors
3x Punk Zombies
2x Rotten belles
2x Drowned
2x Crooked Men
2x Canine Remains
Madam Sybelle
Necrotic Machine

And as luck would have it Bill has decided to run a 25 stone tournament tonight. So I will be bringing this exact bag of wonders for tonight to see how well it can handle it.

Next update likely will be after Gen Con when I have tons of new Malifaux and other toys to brag about. At the moment I plan to gran Mei and all her buddies

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